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Folk Doll

Now a lot of attention is paid to traditional crafts, we are learning to do anew what our ancestors were able to do. And this is good, because in this way we can understand what these people lived in, what they believed in and what they were afraid of.
One of the traditional crafts is a folk doll. Dolls were different, sometimes children just played with them, and sometimes they had important ceremonial significance. In this article I will tell you how to make a doll-amulet called "rvanka."
It takes several scraps of white calico and multi-colored chintz, a little cotton wool, ribbon and braid, white reel threads, a few bright threads for knitting.
We take a square (16 X 16 cm) of white coarse calico and silent wool. Put the cotton in the center of the square, weave it with a cloth and tie it with coil threads. Here's what should happen:
This is the head for our doll. Now we make handles: a rectangle of white coarse calico (16 X 12 cm) is tucked around the edges and rolls into a tight roll, the edges of the roll are stretched with threads.We put the hand detail between the ends of the base part and tie it crosswise.
We make the details of the chest, just like the head, from the squares of 7 X 7 cm, then bind them to the base.
Now we take a piece of calico (10 X 6 cm) for the shirt, make it a hole for the head.

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