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FRAPS: how to shoot a video?

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FRAPS: how to shoot a video?

In the age of computer technology, games and virtual media, it has become important to have programs that allow you to record videos directly from the monitor screen while playing games or learning new things and technologies. For this, many programs were invented. However, one of the first programs was “Fraps”, which is easy to use and records video from the monitor screen in any game without any problems.

However, not every gamer knows how to shoot a video using Fraps, and then upload it to the network.

We will understand together how to shoot video through Fraps.

How to shoot video through Fraps

First you need to download the Fraps program from the Internet. It is widespread, and it will not be a problem to find it. You can download Fraps from However, the program is paid, and the trial version has a video recording limit of thirty seconds, which is not suitable for gamers. But in the network you can find many pirated versions of the program.

After installation, run the program and start working:

  1. In the “General” tab, you must specify the mode of the program, as well as the possibility of minimizing it to the tray, when necessary. You can also install the launch program from Windows or another operating system.You can also put a tick in front of the "On top of all windows." However, this will interfere with the game and the recording of other things on the video. Therefore, this function is almost never used.
  2. In the "FPS" menu, you can set hot keys for starting and stopping video recording. For example, during the game there are times when there is a need to turn on the recording as quickly as possible, then the hot keys come in handy.
  3. The item “Only update overlay once a second” will reduce the load on the computer. This option allows you to update the value of frames per second for some time.
  4. You can also set a timer for shooting, paths to folders where video will be saved and screenshots.

After the program is fully configured, you can start recording video. However, you still need to check the presence of audio drivers and codecs, which will be used to record sound on video.


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