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From Europe to Asia and back

In order for the skin of the face to have an attractive, healthy look, it is necessary to moisturize, even out the tone, hide imperfections and wrinkles, give a soft shine and protect from the sun. It turns out with all this one cosmetic product can successfully cope - BB-cream. The basis for the creation of this drug was the author's tool, created by German dermatologist Christine Schrammeck in the late 60s.

At that time there was no tonal product that could successfully hide scars, acne, scars, redness, pigmentation and at the same time have a caring effect. The drug became known in narrow circles, and fame and recognition came a little later.

In the 1980s, plastic surgery is gaining popularity in Korea and Japan, and there is a growing need for tools that could hide the resulting imperfections until they are completely healed. Kristin Shrammek officially presented her Blemish Balm, first in Korea and then in Japan. Korean and Japanese women came to the genuine delight of the proposed new product, because it makes porcelain skin, which serves as a beauty standard.

The preparation was so adapted to the peculiarities of Asian skin that the matting looked natural and flawless. From Asia, the cream first came to the United States, and only then to Europe. Many brands are engaged in the development of this product, designed for European leather. In 2012, several trademarks at once included this tool in their catalog.

Moisturizing cream and foundation in one bottle

In the online store Makeuphttps://makeupstore.ru/You can purchase BB creams from famous brands. These drugs are used as a base for makeup, as well as a sunscreen. They occupy an intermediate position between matting and nursing drugs. Although BB cream has many functions, it is not a substitute for traditional skin care products.

The product still holds a leading position in the cosmetic markets of Japan and Korea, where 13 out of 100 cosmetics are explosives. But well-known European brands are constantly offering new products of BB. These tools are designed for the epidermis with certain problems. If you need to hide the wrinkles, manifestations of rosacea, post-acne, hyperpigmentation,Zatyv from ultraviolet radiation, such creams are quite able to cope with similar tasks. Apply the drug as any tonal basis.

A brush is usually recommended, but if you are comfortable using sponge or your own fingers, do not limit yourself. Before applying, wipe the skin with a tonic, and owners of a dry epidermis can additionally apply a light moisturizing cream.

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