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General characteristics: fish

Pisces close the zodiac circle. This is one of the most sentimental and sensitive signs that truly empathize with another's grief.

Pisces sign description

Fish are by nature timid, one can even say weak-willed. They go with the flow, they are easy to manage. Because of this, they often get into unpleasant situations.

Characteristics of Pisces

Singer Rihanna fits all the characteristics of the Fish. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kyle Maclahlen, Steve Jobs, Natalia Vodianova, Justin Bieber, Thomas Anders were also born under this zodiac sign.

This sign is dual. Pisces do not know how to fight for rights, they do not defend their opinion. However, if you piss them off, you can see a completely different person. Reassure the angry representative of this sign is difficult. Fish often go to extremes. They can throw a tantrum because of the little things and stay calm when in danger.

Pisces quickly find a common language with people, they can not only fully understand themselves. Sometimes they seem helpless. They want to regret, to help them in self-realization, but Pisces hardly accept help. They are not inherent in optimism, they prefer to live in their world of suffering. Pisces need a personal space.Alone, they put their thoughts in order and calm down.

Pisces has a hard life, on their way there are many failures and dishonest people. They need a strong partner in the satellites who will send them.

In love, Pisces has no luck, and all because of their melancholic nature. They turn inside out for the sake of their second half, but even after that the relationship ends in a break. Fish love sincerely and are able to maintain their feelings for life. In relationships there is passion, respect, commitment and understanding. But if the feelings have passed, then it is impossible to keep the Pisces representative near him. They will slip away from under the nose, and they can hang their debts on the other half.

Strengths and weaknesses of Pisces

The positive qualities of Pisces are much less than negative. This is because of their susceptibility to negative emotions.

Characteristic sign Pisces

Sentimentality is one of the negative characteristics of the Pisces zodiac sign.

Fish Strengths:

  • ability to make profitable business connections;
  • high adaptation to any situation;
  • resistance to difficulties, the ability to find a way out of a difficult situation;
  • good sense of humour;
  • developed intuition;
  • the ability to manipulate people when it comes to money.

Pisces is wise, responsive and condescending. They differ from other signs in their unselfishness and the ability to truly love.

Weak sides:

  • openness and receptivity;
  • exposure to someone else's influence;
  • lack of own opinion;
  • lack of confidence, inability to stand up for oneself;
  • evasion of responsibility;
  • lack of self-discipline.

A significant disadvantage of Pisces is that they live in a fantasy world. They find it hard to believe in reality.

Fish indulge not only strangers, but also their weaknesses. In their youth, morality is alien to them, they may abuse alcohol or drugs. It is necessary to direct them to the path of truth in time.

Element of sign Pisces and their mascot

Fish are representative of the water element. They are under the auspices of the planet Neptune. They believe in mysticism, so the choice of a talisman is very important for them.

Characteristic zodiac sign Pisces

Such stones will suit for this sign:

  • Amethyst. It protects against witchcraft, disease and suspends old age.
  • Moonstone. Fulfills cherished desires, brings good luck and helps to establish a personal life.
  • Tiger eye Strengthens will power.
  • Emerald. Brings harmony to life.
  • Pearl. It is a symbol of a happy married life.

Amethyst can not be worn regularly, otherwise it will lose strength.

Bring good luck to Pisces blue, steel, pale lilac and navy blue.

Characteristic career zodiac sign Pisces

In the work of Pisces rely on their intuition. They try to do everything that is required of them, but it is very difficult for them, because they are used to working in their own rhythm. They themselves do not put pressure on colleagues and do not like pressure from above. Fish are conscientious workers, they just lack organization.

They are ready for self-sacrifice, very committed to work. But not all industries can work. Fish quickly get tired of hard physical and mental work. They do not know how to make decisions, so they do not like to carry out important tasks.

Pisces is very talented. They are happy in their careers, if they can realize themselves and feel their importance to society. Material benefits are not important to them.

Fish find themselves in such areas:

  • painting;
  • music;
  • charity;
  • religion;
  • psychology;
  • extrasensory perception;
  • astrology;
  • medicine;
  • pedagogy;
  • the science.

Among Pisces, there is an equal ratio of poor and affluent people, many scammers and thieves. Because of their acting talents, they easily cheat others.

Pisces attracts all unusual.They are waiting for success in those areas where other signs suffer absolute failure. Among the representatives of this sign are many women who are addicted to mysticism and magic. They are drawn to all that is unknown and otherworldly.

Characteristics of Pisces Health

Nature has not endowed this zodiac sign with internal energy. Fish constantly experience weakness and fatigue. Their health is affected by poor health, even weather conditions, such as rain, severe frost or heat. Only some of the Pisces are endowed with inexhaustible energy. They can work day and night.

Diseases Fish are prone, get sick often and seriously. If there is a real threat to their health, for example, a flu epidemic, then preventive measures are taken immediately.

Fish take care of their health from an early age, constantly ascribing to themselves diagnoses that do not exist.

Weak points - liver, heels and limbs. Flat feet or sores on the feet are a common problem for them. They often catch cold, rheumatism of representatives of this sign torments more often than others. Pisces should beware of skin diseases, varicose veins and anemia. There is a high propensity for schizophrenia.

Representatives of this sign is more suitable for dry and hot climate. High humidity and dampness adversely affects their health.

Fish do not belong to themselves. They are nowhere and everywhere. Because they rarely feel welcome and loved, they often get depressed. Do not hurt the tender soul of Pisces, be friendlier with them and treat them with understanding.


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