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Glazed balcony.

��My sister recently had a child, and the balcony in the apartment where they live cannot glaze in any way. For the safety of the baby, I think it should be done, the sooner the better. Advise digging in Dolgoprudny, which will glaze and warm the balcony cheaply and quickly.
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�If you want to glaze a balcony cheap, then the quality of such glazing can be questionable. For example, the cheapest Chinese profile, its service life is only three years.
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�All right, the highest quality profile is currently considered Germanic and its price is correspondingly higher than that of other manufacturers. But the life of this profile is 20 years.
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�I also want to replace the old wooden frames on the balcony. Of all the companies in Dolgoprudny, I liked the company. Available windows and prices They now have discounts of up to 47 percent and positive feedback from customers. I think this is a good incentive to turn to them.
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Now there are a lot of suggestions for finishing balconies. Search the internet.

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