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Hairstyles at the prom 2015 for long-haired beauties

Graduation party is the most joyful and exciting event in the life of any schoolgirl. The ball is remembered for many years, so you need to take it very seriously to prepare it. An important role is played not only by the dress and makeup, but also by the hairstyle, which should be beautiful, fashionable and stylish. If you have long hair, then you are very lucky. Because graduation hairstyles for long-haired beauties there are a great many, the length allows for a lot of experiments. So, what hairstyles will be the most fashionable in 2015? In this article, we will be happy to tell you about the trends of the upcoming season and show them in the photo.

Maiden-beauty, Russian braid

Long braids will never go out of style. Remember this, dear graduates, because this particular hairstyle will emphasize your youth and attractiveness. Now there are so many types of weaving that just the eyes diverge.You can go to the salon where an unusual braid barbers will braid you, or you can make a braid yourself.

Look at the photo below. Girls demonstrate completely different kinds of weaving.

Be sure to decorate the braid with sparkles and beautiful hairpins. You can also weave ribbons into the hair. By the way, do you know that Spit used to say a lot about the fair sex? So, if a young lady was wearing one braid, then she was in “active search”. And if the girl braided two braids, it means she found the groom. Spit was also a symbol of honor, so jerking a pigtail meant insulting a girl. In 2015, the French braid will be especially popular. How to braid her? Comb your hair and divide half into three equal strands. They braid the French braid from the forehead. Start the weaving, weaving a small strand into the braid on each side. And so on until all the hair is braided.

A bunch for serious young ladies

Do not think that the bundles are worn only by gray mice and old women. Collected hair creates an image of a serious, sophisticated and even passionate nature. The bundle is suitable for any dress, this hairstyle can be made independently, so that you do not have to spend money on a hairdresser. Decorate the bunch with artificial flowers or beautiful ribbon.

Curls and curls

Of course, nothing excites the male imagination as much as long curly loose hair. Make this hairstyle is not difficult. Wash your hair, comb your hair and immediately wind it on the hair curlers for the night. In the morning you wake up with curls. If you want to make yourself curls, braid at night a lot of braids. Add sequins, beautiful hairpins, insert a rosette into your hair and your fairy princess image is ready. Make sure that the hair was clean, the ends do not split, the length was even. Many professionals have come to the conclusion that curls and curls are the best choice for prom. This hairstyle is best for a cocktail dress.


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