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Head massage

Marina Nikitina

In humans, everything is interconnected. A handsome man is a healthy man. The beauty of hair depends on the overall health of the body and the condition of the scalp. If hair care products are not effective, a head massage will help.

It is not always possible to purchase the necessary means for the care of the scalp and hair or to visit a massage therapist, but you can always learn how to do a self-massage of the head.

Head massage is a method of mechanical action, carried out on the surface of the head and hair directly with hands or with the help of special means.

It is important to know how to properly massage the head, and what aids to use, to get a positive result without harming health.

Cosmetic head massage

Massage as a therapeutic and relaxing technique was known at least five thousand years ago. Ayurvedic massage techniques used in ancient India.

Burmese massage technique or combat massage belongs to the category of martial arts, described in the nineteenth century by Buddhist monks.It is still popular and is known as one of the best anti-stress massage techniques. Technology designed for the rapid rehabilitation of tired soldiers, eliminates overstrain and fatigue in modern people who also have to fight for survival.

Head massage

Massage is used as a medical or cosmetic procedure in medicine and cosmetology, respectively. Therefore, massage techniques can be divided into therapeutic and cosmetic. Cosmetic head massage, in addition to the effect of beautiful and strong hair, solves such problems as:

migraine headaches,
vascular dystonia,
spasms, muscle cramps,
muscle pain in the neck, shoulders,
drowsiness and insomnia,
anxiety, stress,
unbalance, nervousness,
chronic fatigue.

Cosmetic massage for hair is made when there are problems:

dry scalp
dry hair,
increased fragility, split ends,
hair loss, baldness,
lifelessness, slow hair growth,
dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis.

For example, some types of head massage cannot be used for hypertension. You should not massage when the body temperature is elevated,scalp is injured or it has a rash.

A scalp massage for the hair is a lifesaver if:

there is no result after using special cosmetics (shampoos, masks and so on);
the wrong operation of the sebaceous glands is diagnosed, the fading of the developing hair follicles and other problems with the hair;
the body is in a weakened state (with avitaminosis, lack of nutrition).

Head massage

Massage performed by a specialist is better than self-massage, as it is performed by a professional, while the client is in a comfortable position and relaxes.

It is not very convenient to do self-massage: hands get tired, there is no opportunity to observe the process, but it is no less effective than a professional one. Before you massage your head you need to carefully read the selected massage techniques.

It is recommended to check if there are any contraindications to its implementation, first consult with a massage therapist, dermatologist, specialist in the field of trichology.

This leads to the fact that the hair follicles and hair roots get more nutrients, while the normal amount of sebum is secreted.

In addition to general improvement and improvement of the scalp and hair, mental activity is activated, improves memory, attention concentration increases.

Massage procedure

The general rules for a head massage are:

The procedure is conducted daily, at least twice a week for two weeks.
Before the procedure, the head is not washed, but the massage can be performed directly during the washing of the head.
The massage lasts from ten to fifteen minutes. After it, it is recommended to lie down quietly or sit for twenty minutes.
To start and finish the head massage with a massage of the neck area (neck and shoulders).
The most effective massage made two hours after meals. At this time the blood is saturated with nutrients and oxygen.
Wash hands with antibacterial soap before the massage.
Massage lines begin at the top of the head and diverge in all directions, so you should massage the head in the direction of hair growth in all directions.

Head massage

Before you proceed directly to the massage of the hair, you need to massage the face, namely:

Knead eyebrows.Pinch the skin above the eyebrows moving from the nose to the temples.
Stroking the forehead and border of the scalp with the fingertips.
Massage the skin behind the ears.
Stress the forehead with the palm of the eyebrows to the beginning of hair growth.

After that, you can proceed to a massage technique chosen for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.

Types of massage movements in their correct sequence:

Stroking. Strokes are carried out first. This is a gentle and smooth touch of palms to the head. These simple movements familiar from childhood calm and relax the nervous system and head.
Circular. These are the main and following the stroking, massage movements. Fingers are placed, and the hand is bent in a brush. In this position, the hands are placed on the head. All fingers except the big one are active, as it is the reference. Fingers with a small amplitude move in a circle, then the hands are transferred to another area of ​​the head, until it is completely massaged.
Pusher. Third in order of movement in the massage of the head. The position of the fingers is the same as with circular movements, but the actions are different. After each push, the hands are transferred to the next section of the head.
Vibrating or oscillating movements.Fingers move with different amplitude and speed in one place, and then move further. To tear off or not to tear off at the same time hands is not so important. Vibrating movements include light rhythmic pats or strokes.

After a head massage, the hair grows better and falls less. By improving blood circulation and metabolic processes, they receive more nutrients. Among other things, massage is a very pleasant procedure, relaxing and giving pleasure.

Massage facilities

Scalp massage for hair is also useful in that it involves the use of special cosmetics, such as balms, decoctions, oils. They are not mandatory, but serve as additional means that improve and strengthen the massage effect.

As a massage, you can use the usual shampoo or balm for your hair. Shampooing, in essence, is a massage, after all, shampoo, and balm, and a mask are rubbed into the scalp with massage movements. Not all women and men massage the head, applying a cosmetic, more often they simply distribute it through the hair.

It is useful to rub the shampoo into the head with finger pads in a circular motion in a chaotic manner, not forgetting to pay attention to every part of the head: the top of the head, the back of the head, the temples and the frontal area.

The massage effect is achieved if you comb your hair in different directions within a few minutes. The comb should be elastic, but not rigid, so as not to injure either the skin or the hair.

There is a special kind of combs - massage combs. They are suitable for massage, but still it is better to choose a comb from natural materials. For example, a wooden juniper comb.

The massager for the head will replace the person's hand. At the same time, it is more difficult to control the pressure force than with a massage with hands.

Some massagers for the head:

Capillary massager. This is an inexpensive anti-stress massager. It was invented in China in antiquity. Relaxes, reduces tension and headache.
Magnetic comb. At the base of this comb is a magnet. It removes the headache caused by changes in weather, climate and helps with motion sickness. It improves blood circulation, exfoliates dead skin cells, promotes hair growth, facilitates combing.
Tourmaline hairbrush. Tourmaline is a mineral stone. Comb with tourmaline improves blood circulation, cleanses the scalp and prevents the multiplication of the pathogenic flora. This comb is used by combing hair under water during shampooing.
Laser Brush Massager. It soothes the nervous system, eliminates dandruff and oily hair. Suitable for hair damaged by perm, negative environmental factors, coloring.

Massage is a simple procedure that does not require long-term development, significant financial and time costs. Master everybody can master the basic massage movements.

Massage techniques

A massage session begins and ends with stroking the head, the remaining movements vary in strength and duration.

With seborrheic dermatitis, a head massage is performed with the hair raised or parted directly on the scalp. Massage for dry, fragile and damaged hair is performed without lifting them, just over the hair.

The technique of cosmetic massage on the scalp suggests the following sequence of actions:

Stroking. Make a longitudinal parting.Further effects are made on the opened area of ​​the skin. With a small pad of pressed four fingers (except for a large one), stroke the parting down from the top to the back of the head three to four times.
Rubbing One hand holds the hair, and the forefinger and middle finger of the other hand rub the scalp zigzag or describing a semicircle.
Kneading. It is carried out by the thumbs. The scalp is shifted by the pads of the fingers back and forth with pushing and stretching.
Vibration. Pads of two or four fingers shortly and quickly tap on the parting.

Sequentially, retreating two centimeters, part by part, you need to walk along the head. Repeat all over again, making cross parting, that is, parting, perpendicular to the previous one.


The technique of cosmetic massage over the hair is slightly different from the previous one, but the algorithm of actions is the same:

Stroking. Relaxed and spread bent fingers work the scalp over the hair in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head, and then from each temple to the forehead and the back of the head.
Rubbing and kneading. The palm of the right hand rests on the forehead, the left one fixes the skin and hair on the back of the head when the direction of movement is longitudinal or near each ear, if transverse.Reception is performed using spiral or semicircular movements.
Vibration. Light pats and tapping on the head with the pads of the fingers. In conclusion, again stroking.

In addition, you can run your hands into your hair, squeeze your fingers and, rotating in a circle, pull them up. This should be done very carefully, the amplitude and height of the stretching should not be large.

Scalp massage for hair requiring restoration and rehabilitation varies depending on the additionally used means:

Massage with salt. Strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss. Sea or rock salt is poured with water in a proportion of one to one, mixed until the consistency of gruel. The mask is applied to the moistened hair roots. Within five minutes, massage movements are rubbed into the skin. Wash off with warm water and wash the head with shampoo.
Massage with essential oil. This is a massage for hair prone to breakage and loss. It is possible to use oils:


Head massage

A few drops of essential oil drip onto the pads of fingers and rubbed into the head in a circular motion, and then lightly pinch the skin.

The instructions always indicate how many drops of essential oil to use during the massage. Before using essential oil, a mini-test is performed, which makes sure that there is no allergic reaction.

Massage with base oils. Such oils as olive, sunflower, castor oil are preheated and applied to the scalp with massage movements.

After the massage with oils, the head is wrapped with a towel, kept for an hour, like a hair mask, then thoroughly washed off.

It should be borne in mind that after using oils, hair not only gains a living shine and health, but also a smell corresponding to the smell of the selected oil.

At any time of the day, massage improves mood and improves well-being.

Cosmetic massage improves the condition, appearance of hair and has a healing effect on the body.


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