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Heart-to-heart talk: interview with Maria Pogrebnyak

Maria Pogrebnyak manages everything - to bring up three sons, create your own brand of clothes and engage in everyday life. At the same time it looks simply amazing. In an interview with SUNMAG, the wife of the famous football player Pavel Pogrebnyak told how to eat to be slim, and why and where she and her husband will marry a second time.

Maria, you always look stylish. Do you choose clothes yourself or does the stylist help you?

Always myself.

How much time can you spend on shopping?

To be honest, I don’t have time for it at all. Therefore, I always order clothes in online stores.

Have a favorite brand?

Maje, Self-Portrait, Zara, Balmain, H & M, Chanel.

What are five beauty tools, without which you could not do?

Comb, mirror, face cream, lip gloss and perfume.

Do you have a favorite color?

The black. He goes to the blondes.

What kind of clothes will you never wear?

This is not. I can make a candy out of everything, even from a bag of potatoes. And the onions will look like a million!

Tell us about your brand of clothing.How long has it been in existence? What is his concept?

His brand began to create in London. At first she got an internship with young designers and studied the kitchen from the inside. And only after I launched my own brand. In London, I had evening gowns, as there are many Arab women there who value luxury outfits, hand-embroidered with stones. But after moving to Moscow I changed the concept. Now I am creating clothes for confident and independent girls who want to look feminine at the same time. They manage to work, take care of children, go to fitness. I have a second line, which is dedicated to sport.

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Publication by Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova (@mariapoga_)Sep 4, 2018 at 11:03 PDT

Maria, you are very thin and at the same time a mother of three children. Fantastic! Tell us about your food?

I try to eat three times a day. For breakfast I can eat two eggs and drink tea without sugar. Then I have lunch: chicken breast with vegetables or fish. A serving is 200 grams. Dinner is almost the same. I do not eat bread, rarely allow myself a sweet - only on the birthdays of friends. I love to cook myself. I love protein, but I always combine it with vegetables so that there is no oxidation of the stomach.Last meal at seven o'clock in the evening.

How did you achieve such slender legs? Special exercises?

I did a great job. After the birth of her first child, she recovered by 30 kilograms - and had never been so thin. Running, fast walking helps - in Sokolniki Park I walk 10 kilometers almost every day. I rarely go to the gym because I have a job, children have a school, different sections. The eldest son is involved in football, the middle one - in swimming, the youngest - in tennis. Therefore, doing at home.

Can you name your parameters?

Height is 168 cm, weight - 45–46 kg.

Share the main secrets of beauty?

Twice a day, I do peels for the face. I buy sea salt, add olive oil to it and apply the resulting mass to the skin. Or I get a ready-made tool. Be sure to moisturize the skin, because I have it dry. In the morning and in the evening I apply creams and masks. I like collagen. They are not very expensive. Be sure to dry your hair with a hairdryer. I used to think that it was harmful, but then I learned that raw hair breaks even faster. The body must be smeared with oil, also olive. The effect is amazing! The main thing is to choose organic. Also three times a week I do massage with the same product.Of course, I like baths very much. With then toxins go great.

You recently took your sons to school. How old are the guys? What subjects love? What is your hobby? Are the boys friendly?

Children study at a British school. Before 14:30 they have an English program, and then until 18:00 - Russian. After they go to their workout.

Is it difficult to be a mother of three sons?

For me, this is happiness! Children are stimulated to be more active, mobile. I have no time for depression. You understand that they are near. I would like two more, and not necessarily girls. Always dreamed of five!

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Publication by Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova (@mariapoga_)9 Sep 2018 at 1:58 PDT

Sons sometimes take you off for Instagram. And what else help?

So they are photographers. And make a video. They help in everything. They even help collecting bows. Sometimes I am going somewhere, and the older one says: “Mom, I don’t like your clothes. Change your clothes". That is, they are also advisers.

You and Pavel have been together for many years. What is the secret of marriage?

In fact, together with 2000, but got married in 2006. This year October 23 will be 12 years from the date of the wedding. Pasha and I just complement each other. We help each other in everything. Always advise how to raise children. Our parents are friends. Madly in love Pasha's mother, and she me. We are a family.Almost never alone.

They often talk about crises in relationships - first three years, then seven ... Do you believe that?

Of course, they exist. True, the number of years did not detect. I can show off when children have to be transferred to another school because of moving, when the husband is injured. It's hard for him. Well, nothing, worry and go further. All happens. We must accept. And in any case do not drip your spouse on the brain. Sometimes it is better not to approach.

Do you often make surprises, arrange romantic evenings?

On the 30th birthday, she herself wrote to her husband an icon of St. Paul. Spouse knows that I love watches, jewelry. Therefore, with gifts always falls into place. I sewed him a crocodile leather jacket, because it was fashionable. True, with the skins tortured. I wanted them to be fat, beautiful ... I try to surprise Pasha with things that I can create with my own hands.

How do you warm up the relationship?

We love to relax together. And this year we want to organize a second wedding in the Maldives. The children ask, they say: "Mom, Dad, we want to see you in festive clothes, so we'll give you ringlets." So I hope that everything will work out.


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