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Honey bees

Do not rush to throw away unnecessary things. For example, sleeves from toilet paper or paper towels, juices or yogurt packs, old wallpaper, plastic containers from a toy in a kinder ... And why keep all this stuff? It is useful for the creativity and development of your child. It is expensive to buy a ready-made set, and it will not be much labor and cost to assemble it yourself. I want to share with you the original crafts that we made with my five year old baby. We got a bright yellow honeycomb with small bees. Want to learn? Then prepare such materials: - two cardboard sleeves from paper towels; - napkins of yellow color (3 pieces); - scissors; - a tube with PVA glue; - plastic packages from toys in kinder (necessarily yellow); - black threads for knitting.  material
First take a cardboard tube and bend (remember) it four times.
take a cardboard tube
Then cut with scissors into 1 cm wide pieces.With one sleeve 7 rings are obtained.
 cut with scissors
Lay them out in the shape of a honeycomb.
Put them in the form of honeycombs
Take paper napkins of a yellow shade and cut each into four parts. Tape the cardboard rings as shown in the photo. Connect all of them together. The bright hive is ready!
 yellow-colored paper napkins
Now you need to make funny bees. To do this, take the yellow plastic box from the kinder.
 make funny bees
Tape it in three places with black threads for knitting. Cut wings from the same yellow napkin (or plastic bag) and glue on top. On the head you need to make eyes and proboscis. To do this, take the small buttons, beads or ready-made parts for creativity. A proboscis is a piece of black thread or wire.
 make funny bees
That's such a funny bee sitting on a comb.
 Honeycomb with bees
She is bored, so create a girlfriend for her on the same principle.
Honeycomb with bees
This is such a fun composition!
 Honeycomb with bees ami
My daughter was simply delighted with the work. And the next day, the bees colonized each segment of the honeycomb. Therefore, do not rush to throw away all junk items, they can turn into real masterpieces, if you include creative thinking, fantasy and creativity. [/L_REPEAT]

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