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How can I use a gas stove?

A stationary gas or electric stove at home is undoubtedly convenient, and no well-equipped kitchen can do without it.

But there are situations when a small mobile tile can be useful to you - for such cases it is useful to purchase a gas stove: it is easy, quick and convenient to cook a tasty lunch or dinner on it.

Advantages of gas stove:

  1. You can use a gas stove absolutely anywhere, if you have, where to put it and what to light. At home, in the apartment, in the country, in nature - the small size and compactness allow you to take it with you wherever you go.
  2. If your house often has interruptions in gas or electricity, you can always use a stand-alone tile that runs on a piezo system. In order to ignite it, it is enough to use a piezo lighter. Most models are powered by a gas cylinder placed inside the stove. So in any situation you can warm the kettle or cook a hot meal.
  3. Modern tiles are safe to use, as the gas valve is fully insulated and has special protection against pressure increase. Also, many manufacturers offer a wide selection of plates in a durable steel case, which is covered with shockproof and refractory enamel.
  4. Low cost - another definite plus gas stoves. Even if you can not yet afford a full-fledged stove to the kitchen, you can always buy as a temporary option an inexpensive, but reliable tile, which later becomes a backup option for all occasions.
  5. You can choose a tile with the number of burners you need. A tile with one or two burners can be used at the cottage and in field conditions; a tile with three to four burners can replace you with a full-fledged cooker.
  6. It is customary to handle tiles, to use it simply and conveniently. It takes up very little space, it is easy to carry and clean.

How to use a gas stove?

  1. Bring the lit match or piezo lighter to the gas burner, turn the corresponding valve a quarter turn with your other hand.
  2. Light the burner.If a blue flame appears, the stove can be used by smoothing down or increasing the fire. If the flame is not blue, close the tap - the burner must be cleaned.
  3. If the gas does not catch fire, close the tap immediately and then repeat the ignition again.

In addition to this simple instruction, you should remember a few safety rules when using gas devices - we remind them to you.

Safety rules when using gas appliances

  1. It is always necessary to follow the rules of operation of gas appliances, keep the equipment in good technical condition.
  2. In the event of faults, contact the technical service of specialists in the areas of repair, replacement, installation, dismantling, etc. of gas devices. In the event of a dangerous situation due to improper use of the device and if there is a smell of gas, call 04.
  3. Before using a gas stove or a stove, open the vent window, ventilate the room, check whether the taps on the gas stove, the gas pipeline and the cylinder valve are closed. After using the gas device, turn off the gas immediately.
  4. It is forbidden to use defective devices and leave them in working condition unattended.
  5. Do not use fire to determine the leakage of gas from the stove, gas pipeline, cylinder. To do this, use a soap solution.
  6. Do not place the dishes with a wide bottom on small burners - select the appropriate size burner.
  7. It is forbidden to store foreign objects in gas devices, use them to heat the room, hang, tie and place foreign objects on the devices.
  8. It is forbidden to use gas appliances in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication.

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