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How can you call a dog-boy?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 25, 2015
How can you call a dog-boy?

If you purchased a puppy, then first of all he needs to find a suitable name. Many owners can’t think of a name for a very long time and often look for an answer to the question of what a boy-dog can be called.

We select the name of the puppy

Before giving the name to the puppy, you need to watch your pet a little to choose the most suitable one. All names can be divided into several categories:

  • Male name. Today it has become fashionable to call animals, including dogs, by male names: Russian and foreign (Jack, Bruce, Arnold, Tosh, Venia, etc.)
  • The names of cartoon characters. Some owners call the puppy the names of their favorite characters, for example, you can find the name Nathan, Tom, Goofy or Krosh.
  • Funny words. Even various words or concepts can be used as nicknames: Bun, Smile, Smesharik.
  • The names and surnames of celebrities. Most often you can meet puppies with the names Tyson, Caesar or Hercules.
  • Geographic names: Kazbek, Everest, Mars.
  • A set of different sounds.If the animal makes different sounds, then you can call the animal that way. For example, Woof or Ryk.
  • Nicknames denoting actions. If you could not choose the right name for your puppy, you can watch the animal and find out what he likes to do the most: Jumper, Runner, Snarling, Spinner, Eraser.
  • The appearance of the animal. You can focus on color (Peach, Gray), size, length of wool.


Choosing the name of a dog-boy, you need to remember a few rules:

  • The name should not be long.
  • The name of the animal must be chosen euphonious.
  • It should not resemble the name of one of the family members.

It is also necessary to remember that the puppy will grow up, and the names like Fluff or Fluffy may not be appropriate, but in any case, the choice is the owner of the animal.


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