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How can you easily conquer your fears

Look fear in the face. Here it is important to separate the real threat from the far-fetched. So, if you are afraid of heights, do not jump with a parachute or climb on the roofs, because it is not safe. But if you panic before public presentations, step over your own modesty, and carefully prepare a speech, whether it is a working report or an answer to a seminar. Probably, such a fear of checking will not be so scary.
Sometimes it is enough to get acquainted with the information on the subject of your fears in order to understand that there is no reason for them. For example, you are afraid of spider bites. Read the relevant literature, find out which of them are poisonous, where they live, whether they threaten people and how to protect themselves from such troubles.
Turn on the logic. Analyze your fear, present various versions of alarming events. Think about your possible behavior in such situations.
Consider if there is a reason for concern. Maybe this fear is unfounded, and you yourself come to this I understand. Fear can also be caused by mental disorders, neuroses. If you can not cope on your own, you should consult a psychotherapist.

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