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How can macadamia oil be used?

Each woman dreams of keeping her young and blossoming look as long as possible, which gives her possessor confidence in herself. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, beauty and youth tend to wilt, but if you maintain your body correctly, this unpleasant moment can be delayed for several decades.

And who do you think can help you with this? No, not expensive cosmetological procedures and new-fangled creams, although they also have their weight in this difficult task, namely Mother Nature, who took care of her charges and prepared many surprises for them.

Rare and healthy nuts

Macadamia oil is a natural remedy, which from the earliest times was valued by many women, those who were aware of its healing and cosmetic properties, considered it almost the most effective among other ways of caring for hair, face and body.

Many years have passed since then, but macadamia oils still occupy an important place among the impressive list of caring and healing remedies.This valuable product is obtained from the nuts of the plant of the same name, which is common in Australia and South Africa.

Externally, macadamia is a rather impressive tree, which, having adapted to live in the arid and sultry corners of our planet, has solid leathery leaves and impressive roots.

The indigenous people of Australia have long used the healing properties of the fruit of this tree, they believe that it is sacred and can cure many diseases, in fact, in many ways they are right.

Macadamia nut is a nut on top of all nuts, a royal product that is considered the most useful and precious among the rest of its brethren.

These are really very useful and valuable fruits, the production of which on an industrial scale, unfortunately, in spite of all technical progress, has not yet been properly mastered. It affects the price of a nut - about 30 US dollars per kilogram - not only are they incredibly useful, they are also quite rare, they are collected in small quantities.

That's how this walnut grows

The oil, which is obtained by cold pressing from macadamia, has a strong nutty aroma and has a slightly yellowish color.In terms of its structure, it is viscous and rather thick, and, importantly, it has a whole list of utilities, thanks to which it is very popular among the fair sex, despite the relatively high price of the product.

Composition and useful properties

In its composition, macadamia oil is very different from other vegetable oils, primarily because it contains very valuable and rare palmitic acid, which is part of human skin.

That is why it perfectly interacts with the skin, is easily absorbed, softens and moisturizes it, like no other cosmetic. Not surprisingly, many cosmetics manufacturers are trying to use this tool as part of their masks, creams, shampoos, lotions, balms and others.

His price is high

Useful properties of this product can be listed for a very long time, especially if you look at its colorful composition: a large number of fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, palmitic, arachine, stearic, etc.).

I would like to pay special attention to palmitic acid, which is incredibly beneficial to hair, helps strengthen them, grows and shines intensively.

The oil also contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals: copper, potassium and zinc, selenium, iron, as well as vitamins of groups B, PP and E. They have a beneficial effect on fading skin, provide its nutrition and protection from external aggressive factors (sun, wind, frost, etc.), and also contribute to its purification and recovery.

The use of macadamia oil has a really wide range: it is excellent for various skin diseases, for example, for treating allergies, hyperpigmentation, keratosis, good for dandruff and relieves many other scalp diseases.

Also, this tool is a good antioxidant, it affects free radicals in the human body, thereby slowing the aging process.

It is great for the care of dry and hardened skin, copes with the restoration of water balance, and also eliminates various rashes, irritations and flakings, which are caused by dryness of the surface layer of the epidermis. After applying this oil, it feels like the skin returns its natural tenderness and velvety, beauty and charm.

Useful baths

Macadamia oil copes well with inflammatory processes, struggles with the effects of sunburn, and also helps to get rid of allergies to the sun.

This product is perfectly suitable for the care of the skin around the eyes, care for the delicate skin of the neck, and also to eliminate stretch marks, making the skin more elastic, elastic and smooth. Also, macadamia oil is recommended as a remedy in the treatment of various skin defects, for example, postoperative scars and burns.

How to apply macadamia oil?

The first thing that will surely interest you is where to buy such a useful and unique product? To do this, it is not necessary to go to Australia, just go to the nearest pharmacy and buy oil in it.

True, it should be noted that there is an opinion about not the highest quality of such a product: they say that it is diluted heavily in order, so to speak, to stretch the pleasure longer, because of which the miracle effect of buyers is very weak. In this case, it makes sense to try your luck in foreign online stores.

It is very simple to use oil: it is enough to add it to shampoo or balm, if you want to take care of the skin of the face or body with it, then you need to add it to the cream or make a mask with it.

Useful but expensive

You can use oil in a pure form, and on especially problem areas of the skin (coarsened or rough), applications are suitable. This product can be used as one of the components of homemade masks and face creams; any known recipe that suits you is recommended, where the recommended oil is replaced with macadamia oil.

The most pleasant thing is that the oil, like the macadamia nut, has no special contraindications, except for the individual intolerance of the product.

By the way, interestingly, macadamia nut is the only one among all other nuts that does not have any contraindications for humans, but for dogs it is a serious poison, so make sure that your pet is away from your bottles of healing oil.

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