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How do flowers multiply?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
March 17, 2015
How do flowers multiply?

Flowers - the largest group of flora. Most shrubs, trees, and grasses belong specifically to flowering plants.There are several ways to reproduce flowers. Consider each one of them.

How flowers reproduce through pollination

Pollination - the most common method of reproduction of flowering plants. In general, pollination occurs with the help of insects, and specific species of insects are involved in pollination of certain flowers. So, clover flowers are pollinated by bumblebees, and geraniums are whispered flies.

The very process of pollination occurs as follows: the flowers emit nectar, which attracts insects with its aroma. While insects collect nectar, pollen grains stick to their paws, which are partially transferred by pollinators to other flowers. This is the reproduction of pollination.

How is sexual reproduction of flowers?

After pollination, the flower withers and its petals fall, and in this place a fruit appears with seeds. Ripe seeds are carried by wind, animals, birds and people.This is how seed or sexual reproduction of flowers takes place. Since the seeds are able to ripen all year round, this method of reproduction is the most optimal.

How is the vegetative reproduction of flowers

It is this breeding method preferred by gardeners. To do this, they take any part of the plant: the root, leaf or stem, which is deposited in the nutrient substrate, where it takes root. The most popular during vegetative reproduction is reproduction by root suckers, since with it a positive result is almost always achieved.


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