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How many calories are in white bread?

Kate flower
Kate flower
March 29, 2015
How many calories are in white bread?

A rare person in the modern world does not eat bread. After all, this is not only an addition to the main meal, bread can be a separate dish, for example, in a variety of sandwiches, paninis and burgers. When calculating calories rarely pay attention to the loaf, mainly in the field of view get the products that go together. If you are on a diet and count calories, be sure to pay attention to the bread, especially white, as the characteristics of the preparation and composition may adversely affect the shape. Consider in more detail how many calories are in white bread.

It is impossible to generalize the caloric content of whole white bread, since during the production nuts, seeds, dried fruits can be added. But if we are talking about the classic white bread, the production of which used wheat flour of different varieties and yeast without additives, then the average number of calories per 100 grams varies from 195 to 238. When it comes to loaves, they contain about 250 calories.

Features of the use of white bread

When eating white bread, remember that its quantity in the diet should be limited, otherwise the following troubles can wait for you:

  • When consuming white bread, for example, by eating a salad, remember that thanks to the composition of the bread, vitamins and minerals of the salad are absorbed much worse than when used in a similar situation of black bread.
  • With regular use of white bread increases the amount of starch, which affects the absorption of carbohydrates and the deposition of excess fat.
  • White bread does not contain a large amount of fat, but they contribute to the rapid rancid bread, especially in the light and in a very warm room.

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