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How many constellations in the sky?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
April 2, 2013
How many constellations in the sky?

Even in antiquity, people gave names to groups of the brightest stars, seeing in them the reflection of their gods. Called constellations sonorous and beautiful names of the heroes of ancient Greek legends. Since antiquity, 47 constellations have been known that are visible from the south of Europe. Among them 12 zodiacal ones stood out, through which during the year the path of our star on the sky lies.

In the Southern Hemisphere, constellations got their names much later - during the period of great geographical discoveries in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

So how many constellations in the sky? There are 88 constellations in our sky. In 1922, astronomers decided to define the constellations not as a group of stars, but as parts of the celestial sphere. As a result, the celestial sphere was divided into 88 constellations.


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