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How many cores in Core i7

Anastasia Samokhina
Anastasia Samokhina
February 6, 2013
How many cores in Core i7

Core i7 is the famous family of Intel processors. But when buying this important element of each computer, many people ask themselves the question of how many cores in Core i7. In fact, it is not so easy to answer it, since the number of cores in Core i7 processors depends on the lineup.

For example, the Core i7-3517Ux has only 2 cores, whereas the Core i7-2820QM already contains 4 cores. Well, the most powerful processor Core i7-970 will already have 6 cores. Therefore, choosing a Core i7, you should consider these features. After all, for someone a processor with 2 cores is quite suitable, someone will be satisfied with 4, well, someone will decide that only a six-core microprocessor will satisfy all of its needs. And what do the mysterious i7 letters in the name of this processor mean? In fact, these 2 characters do not mean a new generation of microprocessors. They just keep telling us that this is another series of successful offspring of the Core brand.


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