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How many seasons are there in "Dumps"?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
February 27, 2013
How many seasons are there in "Dumps"?

So that we did not speak, and many TV series are delaying. I did not have time to watch one season, but we already want to continue. This can be said about the British TV series "Garbage." The plot is interesting: five not very law-abiding guys work out their violations. A sudden hurricane suddenly changes their lives. This is because the guys have superpowers. In Russia, the series was shown in October 2010, it was called “Bad”. And all in all, how many seasons are there in “Garbage”? At this stage there are four.

  • The first came out in England 12.11.09g. Consisted of 6 episodes. The last one was released on December 17 of the same year.
  • Season 2 was shown from November 11, 2010 to December 19. Total 7 episodes came out (the last one is special).
  • The beginning of the third season was on Halloween (October 31) 2011. The last episode was released on December 18th. 8 episodes were shown.
  • Last season started 10/28/12 and finished on 12/16/12. It has only 8 episodes.

Will continue to shoot, while it is not known for certain. But it seems that they will.The truth is to wait for him again until the fall. Although this does not stop fans. We hope the creators will not disappoint, and come up with something interesting.


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