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How much can you buy a used Volkswagen Tiguan?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
November 29, 2016
How much can you buy a used Volkswagen Tiguan?

Volkswagen Tiguan sports crossover is distinguished by economical fuel consumption, high practical and operational characteristics. Excellent maneuverability and docile handling increase the attractiveness of the model for use in the conditions of the state of coverage of domestic roads. You can choose a model with an automatic, mechanical and robotic gearbox, for city driving and off-road driving with a reinforced chassis. (Fig. 1)


At the momentin the catalogthe portal"Auto search" offersVolkswagen Tiguan sale in Moscow posted 1674 users. Of these, 48% fall on new models (798 ads), and on cars of this brand with a mileage of 52% (876 ads). The lower price threshold of new cars of the German concern of this category is at the level of 900 thousand rubles.The maximum cost is established on the novelties of the current year from the salon and amounts to 2 million rubles. Volkswagen Tiguan with mileage can be purchased at a price within 500 000-1 500 000 rubles.

2016 sales trends in the secondary car market

Among the proposals from private owners are various complete sets of "Volkswagen Tiguan". Depending on the installed gearbox priorities are as follows:

  1. Automatic - 68% (594 sentences).
  2. Mechanical - 27% (236 sentences).
  3. Robotic - 5% (41 offers).

By engine type, there are two categories:

  1. Petrol - 85%.
  2. Diesel - 15%.

The drive on this model can be of two types:

  1. Full (including full pluggable) - 75%.
  2. Front - 25%.

The most expensive category “Tiguan” with mileage includes gasoline-powered all-wheel drive models of 2016 with automatic transmission, sold at a price of 1,400,000-1,500,000 rubles. At the lowest price of 500,000-600,000, it is possible to purchase an option until 2010 with a mileage of over 100,000 km with manual transmission, full or front-wheel drive.

New Volkswagen Tiguan - in Moscow already at the beginning of 2017

According to analysts of AUTOSTAT, in the first months of 2017 we can expect a new version of the Volkswagen Tiguan with the Kaluga assembly in the Russian car market.The novelty will have a more dynamic body, less weight, a spacious interior and trunk, updated equipment. (Fig. 2)


The cost of a new Volkswagen Tiguan in various configurations is 1,400,000-2,200,000 rubles. If you want to save money when buying, expect the appearance of a new generation of Volkswagen Tiguan with mileage on the secondary car market.


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