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How much do a passport?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 19, 2015
How much do a passport?

For many people, receiving, replacing or restoring documents is an additional and very unpleasant effort. In addition to the need to collect a certain set of documents, in some cases the production of the necessary document may take more than one month. In this case, citizens are interested in how much time they make a passport.

Getting a civil passport of the Russian Federation

According to the law, a civilian passport must be made within 10 working days (if issued at the place of residence), if it is a planned replacement or if it has been lost, stolen, damaged, or it is necessary to change the name. In case of loss of a passport, it is issued at the same time, if previously the passport was issued by the same department (if otherwise, after 2 months).

If a person draws up a passport at the place of temporary registration, then a new identity document will be issued to him two months after the date of delivery of all necessary documents.

Getting a passport

A new document can be issued in the range from several days to six months (it all depends on the urgency and on the circumstances in which you get a passport).

In accordance with the legislation in force in the Russian Federation, a passport of both the new generation and the old sample is made within 30 calendar days if you submit a package of documents to the authorized bodies at the place of permanent registration, and 120 days (4 months) - at the place temporary registration.

Special cases

If you contact the organizations that are engaged in paperwork (often this is done by travel agencies and notary offices), then for a certain fee you can make a passport in a few days.

A passport is also made in three working days in the following cases:

  • serious illness;
  • emergency treatment;
  • death of a close relative;
  • other emergency cases where it is necessary to provide a document proving your identity.

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