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How much fry chicken?

Kate flower
Kate flower
April 20, 2015
How much fry chicken?

Chicken is the most popular type of meat. This is due to the fact that it has a high nutritional value, while it is a dietary dish. In addition, chicken is not expensive at all, but there are a lot of options for its preparation.

Consider how much chicken to fry, depending on the dish.

Breast fillet

Chicken fillet from the breast is probably the easiest to cook. It contains no bones and almost no fat. The duration of frying depends on the size of the pieces. If the pieces are large, for example, you fry the chicken fillets completely, then you will need about 15-20 minutes. If you fry small pieces of 2-5 centimeters, 10 minutes should be enough. A chicken is ready when it gets white both inside and out. If you take the case for the first time, start with small pieces - it is more convenient to determine readiness.


All chops are cooked quickly and easily thanks to the method of cutting and preparing meat. It becomes thinner, which greatly simplifies the cooking process. It is advised to fry chicken chops for about 5-7 minutes, constantly turning.It is best to start cooking meat over high heat, then turn it down and continue to finish the heat on a small one.

Legs and wings

It is advised to fry chicken in a pan for 7-10 minutes over medium heat. It is advisable to pickle these pieces of chicken in advance so that the meat is juicier and tastier, for example, in pepper, lemon juice and garlic.

Crispy crust

For a wonderful crisp, you should roll the meat in breading, for example, in flour or milk with egg and flour alternately. Next, you should refrigerate the meat for an hour and, after this time, put it into a strongly heated pan with vegetable oil. You need to fry the standard: the first two or three minutes on high heat, then reduce the heat and fry until ready for 5 minutes.


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