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How much do the lungs weigh?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
May 4, 2015
How much do the lungs weigh?

For the normal performance of certain functions in the body, each organ has its own characteristics. Thus, the main respiratory organ - the lungs - has its own mass and volume indices. Let us consider in more detail how much the lungs of a person weigh and how this characteristic may vary over time.

Immediately it is worth noting that the mass of the lungs of a normal person is not constant, and it changes in the course of human development, reaching its natural maximum level in an adult. So, in infants, the weight can be 50 grams, while in an adult one can reach as much as 1 kg. Changes in the mass of the human lung can occur due to various pathologies. For example, tumors and pulmonary edema lead to an increase in size and disruption of normal functions.

The structure of the lungs is such that each person from birth has two lobes of the lungs. At first, after the birth of a person, the left side of the lungs is slightly delayed with weight gain, but by the age of three, both halves of the lungs reach an equal value.

Thus, the mass of the lungs depends on the age of the person, as well as on the pathological processes affecting them.


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