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How many cook mushrooms?

Anastasia Shostak
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How many cook mushrooms?

Mushrooms are tasty, but they require a special approach to yourself. Mushrooms, as you know, are the most common mushrooms in cooking.

Cooking tips again

We will try to give you the correct answer to the question: how to cook the mushrooms? If you want to cook them, then you should not cook them for a very long time, on average no less than 50 minutes, and a maximum of an hour. When the mushrooms boil, then foam should form. After that, you need to change the water, wash the mushrooms and continue to cook them until ready.

How much to cook mushrooms, if they are frozen

If your mushrooms are frozen, then you need to defrost them first, and then put them on a small fire and cook for about 30�50 minutes. And then - let the water drain well and immediately send it to the pan.

Before you cook the mushrooms, you must wash them and boil them very well. After all, if you use undercooked mushrooms, then you risk causing indigestion. In some countries, because of this, wild mushrooms are considered inedible mushrooms.But, if you do everything right, you can get important for your body trace elements that contain mushrooms. For example, zinc and copper, which are involved in the process of blood formation.


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