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How not to marry?

How can you avoid getting married, if you absolutely don't want to take the yoke upon yourself at such a young age? There are several methods that can help in this situation. Often, young guys do not want to marry, and therefore, in our article, you can learn how not to marry, but simply continue to live together, that is, in a civil marriage.

We will present to your attention a few ways to help you avoid the wedding:

  • A way to accurately influence the parents of the second half.
  • The way extreme effects on parents.
  • Processing the bride and their parents.
  • Well, and if you tell yourself - I will never marry! The usual wedding breakdown.

Method one: accurate exposure

It is based in the constant impact on the parents of the bride, so that those negatively perceive your personality. Especially well, this method works if the couple gathered after the wedding to live with the parents of the bride. Parents of your possible wife, you need to make it clear what could turn their lives if the wedding takes place. It does not require special expenses, physical or material.It is enough just to behave as you do at home, that is, do not be shy. The more you can annoy her parents, the higher the likelihood that they will strictly forbid their daughter to associate their lives with such slobs. If it really became clear to you that it is better not to marry, we offer you the basic recommendations:

  • Soak your socks in the bathroom sink, and arrange a terrible scandal, if someone dares to pull them out.
  • At times, cook yourself a meal, in two pots and five or six pans, moreover, using most of the products from the refrigerator and a couple of bottles of oil. You clean up all the dirty dishes in the sink in such a way that one pan falls to the floor, and fat flows from it to the floor.

Method Two: Extreme Impact

  • If the house of the parents lives a pet - even better. Of course, they are not to blame for everything, but you can give a pair of kicks to your favorite cat or dog, or shuffle them by the tail. You can also throw bull-calves in the test-aquarium
  • State that you are allergic to wool, and put an ultimatum - either you or the pets.
  • Tell your mother-in-law, an avid fan of dogs, how tasty your Korean friend cooks their roast dogs.
  • Dump all the computer glands on the coffee table in the living room, and make a scandal about the fact that there is something missing from there. At the same time, gather the whole family and arrange the interrogation, who nevertheless dared to steal your video card.

If, however, it is not supposed to live with the bride's parents, all this of course has no meaning. In this case, sometimes it is worth holding conversations with potential father-in-law and mother-in-law, about your vision of later life. Explain to them that you are not going to go to work at all for at least 5 years, since you are a creative person, and a seeker, and you still do not see yourself in this life. That's when you find the meaning of your life, become rich, although no, you will not be famous and rich in life. You have decided to firmly become a poet, and those, as is well known in life, are rarely awarded recognition. When asked if you will live, open your eyes wide and declare that your wife will work, and you also count on the support of your wife’s family.

Method three: processing the bride and parents

An important point is the acquaintance of the bride's parents with yours. This must be taken seriously. With the right approach, everything should work out for you.About a month before the visit of your parents, tell the family of the bride that your father is a janitor, and his roof has long been removed, and his mother is a hereditary alcoholic. If after that the parents of the bride still want to meet yours, go to your parents and tell your father that your father-in-law works as a janitor, and has gone astray. A father who has worked as an engineer or a physicist all his life, you can say that his father-in-law speaks only on the themes of the yard, and does not want to hear about anything else. When your father asks which one is better to give a present on the day of your acquaintance, offer to present an apron for the janitor and scissors for cutting the bushes. Tell your mother that the mother-in-law is an alcoholic, and that the liter bottle of vodka will be the best gift, also ask your mother to slam ten glasses when they meet him. If everything goes well, the evening will pass to glory. The father will be tedious and long to tell his views on cleaning, stunned by the gift to the father-in-law, and the mother, slamming a couple of glasses unaccustomed, will get sick and sing the petrified mother-in-law.

Method Four: disrupting the wedding

Well, if this does not help, the reasons for not marrying may be different. For example:

  • Admit to the parents of the bride that you have a couple of children on the side, and you will definitely take them.
  • Make on your computer a fake passport with a marriage stamp, and tell me that when you pay all the money from the former, you will definitely divorce.
  • Hint that at the moment you are under investigation for a robbery, and hope that the bride's parents will give money for a lawyer. Say that few chances will get out, and if there is a good lawyer, then maybe 5 years will be given, no more.
  • Lose your passport and recover every time.

It can help you, if you hold an opinion - I love, but do not marry. If you don’t have a way out, you can admit to the bride that you have lost interest in the opposite sex, and now you like men. But in this case, your bride at least a couple of times should catch you applying makeup, or trying on women's underwear. Then the bride herself will offer you to leave without much scandal.

So here! I do not want to marry, but I want to learn, and it happens!


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