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How not to show excitement

Learn any method of self-hypnosis. It can be very useful to you. Learn how to relieve internal stress, disconnect from painful thoughts.
Think as often as possible: “When I am nervous, I worry, I only make myself worse. We must be calm. " Convince yourself with such arguments: because you slam your nerves and unnerve others at the same time, the problem that has deprived you of peace will not disappear. It is quite obvious. Then why this hassle, excitement?
A good and effective way: as soon as you feel the excitement, immediately try to think about something pleasant. For example, remember how you went on an excursion to some beautiful place. Or imagine an orchard, trees, leaning under the weight of ripe tasty fruits. Or a small forest lake, inviting coolness on a hot summer day, with water lilies, over which colorful dragonflies fly. And the excitement will quietly retreat.
"Work is the best distraction from grief."This popular wisdom is known from ancient times. But exactly the same can be said about excitement. After all, when a person is really busy he simply has neither the strength nor the time to indulge in empty experiences. If you just can not curb the excitement, try to do something, switch your attention. This can help. But, of course, choose an occupation that is not associated with increased danger or with the need for extreme concentration, concentration.
Such a thought can help a believer well: according to religious canons, everything in the world happens only according to God's will. Therefore, to worry is simply meaningless. After all, if God wants - the trouble that you fear will still happen, regardless of your desire and excitement, and if he does not want it - it will not happen. So why waste your nerves? Rely on God's mercy.

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