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How to achieve the goal?

From university I remember a phrase that was repeated to us each time before the next coursework, exam, and then before the diploma and state: “eat the elephant in parts.” No, we didn’t have the tradition to score and eat an elephant before the exam, so they explained to us how to achieve the set goal correctly, that is, to pass the exam and write a scientific paper in “excellent” (or “good”) without too much hassle. Eat an elephant piece by piece. What does it mean? How to achieve your goals? What is necessary for success? About this and talk.

Getting things right

Not always a person has enough energy to achieve the goal. Sometimes not enough power, sometimes time. Every time there are more and more new excuses. As a result, a person comes to the conclusion that something is holding him, since he cannot achieve his goal, although he seems to want somewhere deep in his soul. Why is this happening? What it is?

This is the same huge elephant (we all understand that this is a metaphor). A person in this case is called low motivated. But why? Often a person sets a huge goal (like an elephant), and as soon as he presents the ways to achieve it, his hands will fall. A person does not understand from which side to approach, where to start, how to overcome this “elephant”.There is panic, fear, which, in turn, further reduce motivation. Vicious circle. We must decide how to get out of it.

How to achieve the goal: steps

We make a plan. Eat an elephant piece by piece. You have a goal - this is already good. Now you need to make a clear plan. Describe in detail your goal.

Break your goal apart and describe the steps you need to take to achieve each small goal. Describe in detail the specific actions that you do.

Set deadlines. Clearly define for yourself by what specific time (day, month) you will make the first small goal, the second, the third, etc. Be objective and reasonable. Too big a goal is frightening and confusing, too small goals are easily accessible and do not give that important sense of achievement. That is what we need. The feeling that you have achieved something, gives strength, increases motivation, stimulates further action.

Be sure to determine the quantitative and qualitative criteria for achieving your goal, each stage. Your task is to record any, even the smallest progress in achieving the goal. Be sure to fix.For example, learn a language - mark vocabulary; in sports achievements - the time or the number of exercises done, etc.

Think over the system of encouragement and punishment. Be sure to praise yourself verbally, this is more important than you think. "I'm fine fellow! I did it (...). I can achieve my goal, etc. Tell yourself it is always when you achieve success, when you see progress in work. As for punishment. Do not be taken literally. Let the punishment be useful too. For example, you didn’t do by the deadline what was noted in your plan - be sure to complete it by increasing the “burden” in order to come to terms with the plan. True, see if you did not set too big demands for yourself, try to maintain objectivity.

Do not compare the global goal at the beginning of the path with what you have achieved. Look at what you have achieved, think about what you have already achieved, and not about “oh, how much is yet to come.” ... Do not engage in self-oppression and self-flagellation. Let us dwell on this.

Internal work to achieve the goal

  • You can not even think about how to achieve the goal, if you do not initially believe in its achievement.With this mindset, the goal is initially doomed to failure. Setting a goal, be sure to tune in that you are able to achieve it, believe it with all your soul, heart, head, every cell of your body.
  • Pick up the environment. If you are surrounded by people who somehow hinder the achievement of the goal, avoid them. Surround yourself with people who believe in and support you, who may have the same goals. For example, you want to lose weight. If people around (friends, colleagues) say that you are doing nonsense and that you do not need to lose weight (but you know better), avoid their presence next to you. Surround yourself with allies, girlfriends who also lose weight.
  • Get inspired daily. Imagine yourself at the moment when you have reached your goal. What feelings do you have? Think about it daily. You are slim, lying on the beach, or you went abroad, where you calmly express the thought to a foreigner in his language. See photos of slim girls (if the goal is to lose weight), listen to the radio in the language you learn (if the goal is this), etc.

We told only some important points in a question of achievement of a goal. You just need to follow them.Believe in yourself, in your goal and in success. Eat an elephant piece by piece, and you will succeed.


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