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How to activate Office 2010?

Among office application packages for Windows operating systems, leadership today belongs to Microsoft Office and its latest version of 2010, which traditionally includes text, spreadsheet, multimedia objects that can meet the needs of most users.

At the initial stage of work, the question almost always arises of how to activate Microsoft Office 2010. There are a number of ways, some of which we bring to your attention.

So, suppose you installed licensed software - nevertheless, you need to activate Office 2010 (which the system itself notifies you when you first launch the application, asking you to enter the key). There are two options for activation - via the Internet or by phone. When activated via the Internet, the program itself communicates with the licensing servers to verify the key, and, if it is valid, is automatically activated. When activated by telephone, the user contacts the activation center by one of the numbers suggested by the program for your region, and follows the instructions of the operator.Activation of the software package can be carried out both at installation and later, within 30 or 60 days.

Often, office computers use a package of applications with a corporate license, which also requires activation. There are two ways to activate office professional 2010 - a key for multiple activation and a key management service, and the system administrator usually selects the same activation method for a company. To activate Office 2010 plus, you can get the key yourself - usually it is indicated on the packaging of the installation disk, or ask your administrator. Activation using the key management service is performed directly by the system administrator, since this process requires server manipulation.

In addition to these cases, it is often necessary to activate Office 2010 for free - when the license key is unavailable for any reason. For free activation, we also offer you two ways - searching for keys and installing a special activator program.

Search for activation keys is carried out via the Internet, where you can find many ready-made keys, or download a key generator to create your own.This method is quite simple - the generated key is entered into the office activation wizard window, it is usually entered into a special window of the generator program that creates an activation code (most often, when using generators, you are offered to choose activation by phone, but you don�t have to call anywhere - the program itself generates the necessary data). With all the simplicity of this method, it is often possible to hear about the low degree of its reliability: it�s not easy to find a valid key on the Internet, as Microsoft conducts constant monitoring to detect false keys, and the found keys are inevitably canceled - which leads to the cancellation of the activation.

It is considered more reliable to use activator programs that are also available for download, for free or for a certain amount. Such programs include, for example, Mini-KMS Activator, Staforce, Office 2010 Activation and Conversion Kit, Microsoft Office 2010 Volume License, etc. In most cases, to activate using one of these programs, you need to install the office package (without entering a key), restart the system, install and run an activator program that will do everything for you.

We are confident that one of these methods will suit you, and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by the Microsoft Office suite of applications.


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