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How to apply fire retardant paint

Choose a suitable paint. Recently, intumescent mineral wood paints have become widespread. Coatings of this type are not only flame retardant, but also antiseptic.
Clean the wood surface from grease and dirt. Remove old paint by sanding. Clean dust remaining after grinding. Dry the surface thoroughly.
You should know that the composition of the fire retardant paint is alkali. Therefore, when working with it is necessary to comply with security measures. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles. Take care of respiratory protection. If paint gets into eyes or on unprotected skin areas, rinse the affected areas thoroughly with running water.
Choose a paint application method
Fire retardant paint can be applied to a wooden surface either manually or using a mechanized method. For manual application of paint brushes and paint rollers are used.Carefully read the instructions. Pay attention to the paint consumption required to ensure the first group of flame retardant efficiency.
For the application of paint mechanically, airless or injection coating systems can be used, as well as spray guns. As a rule, they are used for applying fire retardant paint on large surfaces. You should be aware that when working with a sprayer, it is necessary to make a correction for the loss coefficient. As a rule, it is 1.15. Keep the spray gun strictly perpendicular to the wooden surface. Paint should be applied from a distance of 250-350 mm stripes. Each subsequent strip should overlap the previous one by about 1/3.
Mix fire retardant paint thoroughly. Apply the first layer of the selected method. Wait for drying. As a rule, at a temperature of + 18-22 degrees, this period is not more than four hours.
Apply the next layer. The time of complete drying of the coating after applying all layers of fire retardant paint is 24-36 hours.
Ensure that the coating is uniform and solid.

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