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How to assemble a watch?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
November 21, 2014
How to assemble a watch?

The appearance in the interior of the original thing always creates a feeling of comfort and harmony in space, especially if it is made with your own hands. We offer to collect with your own hands such an irreplaceable object in every home as a wall clock. We will perform decoration with the help of decoupage technique. It is based on an ordinary application. All wisdom lies in the special application of it on the surface with which it literally merges.

Operating procedure

With base

As a basis for watches, you can use a wooden blank of various shapes, a vinyl record, a plate, a plastic palette of paints, etc. For plastic products, the surface should be degreased, for wooden products it should be sanded.

With a picture for decoupage

Apply background to the prepared base. This can be done with paints, and you can glue a napkin or rice paper. As pictures for a blend use three-layer napkins with beautiful pattern, special dekupazhny cards or take images on the Internet.It is allowed to use photos, only they are preliminarily kept in water for a long time.

The picture is cut and glued with decoupage glue, then dried and covered with acrylic varnish. The procedure is repeated three times.

With clockwork

The clockwork should be taken from a serviceable watch, the hands can also be borrowed or made independently. Install everything in the center of the workpiece, pre-drilled hole.

Finishing touches

It will look very nice artificially aged surface. It is created as follows: after the decoupage glue has dried, a special glue is applied on top of it. After 24 hours, everything is covered with craquelure varnish, which, having dried, forms cracks and creates an aging effect.


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