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How to attract happiness

In the bustle of everyday life, we have completely forgotten how to slow down. So, to directly inhale with a full breast, put off gadgets and exhale. Time-troubled and a daily diary full of affairs hurry with us from Monday to Monday. What other thanks? To whom? There was no time to have time to cool the coffee ...

I will surprise you a little by saying that life is full of surprises, pleasant and very pleasant. And those that seem black and white to us are just slightly colored, and sometimes it makes sense to them to say double, confident, strong, so much! For what they taught, saved, gave a powerful kick and forced to move on.

How to attract happiness

Thank the Universe, people, and, of course, do not forget about yourself.

- For what? - you ask.

- For different things!

For waking up, arms and legs are in place, eyes can see, the smell has not failed.

For the fact that the rain finally changed the drought or icy paralyzed the city in an hour or two.

For the fact that the child for the whole day never cried.

For the fact that the business meeting was not very successful and there will be a lot of work to be done so that the next competitors will not have a single chance.

Because they stumbled at the entrance and finally broke the heel of their beloved, but old, like a grandmother's chest, shoes.

For the fact that someone is loved and loved by someone. Of course. For real. Or even desperately.

And what if you are in a deep depression, the world seems hostile, and the events of life have lost their joyful palette? Is it possible to leave a diary empty? No! Fill. And with the force multiplied by ten times! If you are in despair, then this task is the best way to breathe life into you.

Take a pen, a notebook, yes that notebook is a drawing paper, and write out everything that ever brought you joy and you were grateful to this.

Do you think a hundred points is a lot ?! Believe me, at first it may seem difficult to dig in the past and sniff out pleasant moments from the rubble, but after a few minutes you will not be stopped and the flow of joys will pour out onto the paper.

How to attract happiness

In essence, human memory is so selective that the first thing that will manifest itself in the pictures of the imagination will be some actions of those around you that are significant to you at that moment of life. Most likely, stories from childhood will emerge. Here's a busy dad on a business trip, hurrying home with the Christmas tree at the ready on the eve of the holiday; Here is the image of the mother, who all night sewed on the old, on the incense of a breathable typewriter Zinger star costume to the matinee.Here, the elder sister finally stopped getting rickety and took you, a little, to the pond, to walk with her older friends. Or this, for example: you were driving for the first time on the top shelf of a second-class carriage, the smell of fried chicken was everywhere, and the uncle sneezed into his long mustache from below and read newspapers one after another. And yes! You were eternally grateful to each of these moments, because they happened to you for the first time and made your heart beat faster.

Time passed, and you matured, matured, impoverished, became rich, became a cynic, a snob, an agnostic, an obnoxious sociopath, a popular person - who knows what you became? The moments for which you are sincerely grateful to yourself or others are not diminished. You simply forbade yourself to notice them with age, discolored them, devalued them.

But a loved one left the house for 15 minutes earlier in the morning to warm up your car, the neighbor stopped singing after 10:00 pm, and a colleague finally learned that you shouldn’t treat you sweet even if your favorite grandmother from Volgograd dessert , and now, twice a week, he puts only green apples on the side of the monitor.

Good dari. Thank


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