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How to be healthy and happy

You will need
  • 1. Healthy food
  • 2. Bright thoughts
  • 3. Self-massage
  • 4. Dance
  • 5. Sleep
Watch carefully for what you eat. After all, as they say in one proverb, we are what we eat. Try to keep the food at least not harm your body. By the way, when cooking for yourself or for others, you need to charge the food with your good energy. And these are not empty words. Such food will always be not only tastier, but also healthier. Also, often listen to your body, because only he is able to know what will be more useful for you personally.
Food should be good.
Do not forget about the benefits of self-massage. This is a very useful procedure, which is important not only for health, but also for a good mood. Massage in the morning is especially useful. When you wake up, iron your face, ears, shoulders, etc. Also do not neglect the douche in the morning.
Dance For this, it is not necessary to be a very good dancer. Just come home after work and start dancing. So you will help not only your body, but also your soul.
Get enough sleep.

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