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How to beat the casino?

The casino is not only an institution, but also a system built for the most obvious use of probability theory. And the probabilities of this theory benefit most from the casino owners. However, mathematical laws often go against the laws of the market, and therefore there is still a way to leave a casino with a win.

How can you beat the casino: ways

If at the beginning of the twentieth century, players used the same methods, then the modern world dictates new conditions and now there should be a clear distinction between how to beat the usual casino and how to beat the online casino. Below are some useful tricks that will help players succeed in trying to beat the institution.

Real establishments

A popular and not the most acclaimed method of casino management is card counting in the twenty-one or blackjack game. The player must calculate the number and value of the cards so that in the process of "warming up the deck" to lose the minimum amount of money, and when it is "hot" to win the maximum.

The problem is that many casinos in every way prevent a similar, albeit legal, way to win. It is impossible to beat online casinos in this way, since each new distribution comes from a new virtual deck of cards, which excludes the so-called “heating”.

"A game for two." Not the most difficult, but effective method to beat the casino in roulette. Two players join forces and play according to the “imaginary bet” method using the formula A (bet 1) -B (bet 2) = C (single bet). For example, player A intends to make a bet of 20 chips, player B - at ten. Thus, their total bet will be (20-10) \ 2 = 5 chips for the outcome chosen by the player with a large number of chips.

  • If the bet wins, then player A receives 20 chips (five not set, five received from player B, which would have lost in the case of a bet, and ten from the croupier).
  • If the bet loses, then player B gets ten chips - five not set and five more from player A, who would still lose them.

This method transfers the game from the "Casino-player" plane to the "player-player" plane, since only hitting the "zero" brings a win to the establishment.

Another method - collusion with the staff, in its essence, is illegal. It means that the player must agree, for example, with the croupier when playing poker.The task of the latter is to give the player the most profitable combinations. However, this will require both good shuffling skills and self-control from the player. In addition, the risk of being detected is extremely high.

Online places

To beat online casinos in the same roulette is simply impossible due to the fact that the roulette is a program that is configured in such a way as to exclude the possibility of winning. While “Blackjack” is the most “winning” game in online casinos. But it is worth considering that experienced players do not recommend taking a card after they have 17 or more points in their hands - the croupier will be forced to block the player’s card and get bruised, while 17+ points may turn out to be winning.

In general, despite the myth that it is impossible to win in a casino, professional players often, thanks to probability theory and their own logic, win both offline and online institutions.


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