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How to become a cook?

Cook today is not only a nourishing and interesting profession, but also a creative one. You can become just a cook, a chef, a chef who specializes in a particular kitchen, a food stylist. However, in order to get this profession, you must go through a number of specific stages.

How to become a cook - step by step

Basis - self-education

If the cook of you is unsightly, and the desire to cook deliciously does not give rest, begin to learn and hone your cooking skills. To do this, learn to use kitchen appliances and utensils (stove, oven, blender, etc.). All this you must master. Also cook at home as often as possible, as much as possible and as varied as possible. Culinary TV shows, special newspapers, magazines, recipes from the Internet to help you. At first, take easy recipes and gradually move to complex ones. Do not despair if the first pancake is lumpy. It is easy to give only one who is not firmly following his goal. And you are not like that?

Education in a special institution

If you manage to get a crust of a cook in an educational institution, your chances of a good job increase significantly. You can enter the culinary college in your city.After the 9th grade, training is conducted for 3 years, after 11 - only one. If you don’t have time or don’t want to study for so long, take short-term paid cooking courses. There they will explain to you in what proportion you need to take products for a particular dish, how to make their primary processing, how to choose the right products, etc. Such courses last 2-3 weeks, and can cost up to 16-20 thousand rubles.

You can hire an individual teacher - tutor. Just so that it is not in vain, choose a tutor carefully. Let him have a crust of chefs and experience in a good restaurant.

If you want to get a high salary, in addition to special education, learn from famous masters abroad. Expensive, of course, and not everyone can afford it, but you will have the right to demand a premium for prestige when applying for a job.

How to start a career

You can start a career as a chef even as a waiter. Having worked as a waiter for several months, you will understand and feel all the subtleties of the cook work, learn a lot of new things. You can get a cook in a cafe or restaurant, usually there are always such vacancies. There you will receive invaluable experience and a lot of knowledge about the art of cooking.

Desired goal - chef

How to become a chef? Becoming a chef is not easy.Experience in cooking should be necessary, and the more, the better. First you work as a cook, earn yourself a reputation. Then you can become a sous-chef, that is, an assistant chef. Well, if everything goes well, then the chef's place in the future is just around the corner. You can become a chef in Russia after three years of active cooking practice.

But do not flatter yourself. The chef is a very hard and responsible job. He is responsible not only for the quality of all products and dishes in the kitchen, but also for the work of his assistants. Often, the chef has only one day off per week, which, moreover, can be floating. The schedule itself can be very stressful - shifts sometimes reach up to 12 hours a day or more. In addition, the chef should have a stock of original recipes.

The salary of a cook depends on the institution where he works, the presence or absence of education, work experience and position. It is clear that an ordinary cook in a public dining room gets less than a chef of a refined restaurant with French cuisine.

Here she is, the profession of a cook! Despite its simplicity, it can be too tough for many.But if you are sure that being a cook is your calling, go ahead! We hope that our advice on how to become a chef will certainly help you.


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