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How to become a strong and confident person?

Self-confidence is a very useful character trait that helps you succeed. But what if it is not enough? Confidence can be gained and developed in itself, and some simple advice will help.

Confident man: what is he?

Self-confident person can be seen almost immediately. The main features of such a person:

  • Emotionality Yes, such a person is not afraid to show his emotions, he laughs, gets angry, sad, and even cries, and this is quite normal.
  • Self control It would seem that this trait is incompatible with the first. But if someone’s emotions (often hidden from others) can ruffle or unsettle him, then a strong personality can take himself in time and start thinking soberly.
  • A responsibility. If a person is ready to take it on himself, it means that he is sure that he will cope with it and will be able to meet the expectations.
  • Determination. A strong personality will not wait for some combination of circumstances or gifts of fate, she will take a step, take everything into her own hands and at least try to get what she wants.
  • Own life position.A confident person knows exactly what he wants and what he is ready for. Although he is interested in the opinions of others, he has his own, defends him and does it decisively.
  • The ability to improvise. If something goes wrong, the insecure person will retreat, and the strong will begin to act according to circumstances, experiment and use their skills.
  • Self-confident woman always looks attractive, even if she did not have time to do makeup. She knows that she is beautiful and able to present herself favorably.
  • A strong man probably has no problems with the opposite sex. He is the first to take the initiative and easily captures the attention of a woman.
  • Purposefulness, moving forward. A strong person knows what he is capable of and strives for, so she goes to the goal and does not sit still.
  • Such a person is not afraid of failure, he perceives his mistakes and misses as an invaluable experience and uses it in the future, which, in turn, helps to achieve success.
  • Sound leadership and authoritarianism. A confident person knows how to obey, but always seeks to act independently. If you need to take matters into your own hands or organize or control the process, he will do it, with success and with pleasure.
  • AbilitiesA strong personality tries his hand in many areas, thanks to which he acquires new skills and abilities, he knows himself.
  • Self sufficiency. A confident person cannot afford to depend on someone, he knows that you can only rely on yourself.
  • Optimism. Yes, optimistic thoughts can also be called a sign of self-confidence, because they depend on the mood, which is determined by the outlook on life and, of course, character traits.
  • Freedom. A confident person does not depend on the opinions of others, is not subject to influence, he is completely open and ready for changes and accomplishments.
  • Robust self-criticism. A strong personality knows its weaknesses, but is not prone to self-flagellation or self-deprecation.
  • Every action or action has a cause. A confident person will not rush and develop meaningless activity.

How to gain self-confidence?

How to become a strong and confident person? Immediately it is worth making a reservation that confidence will not come immediately, it may take a lot of time and effort. But if you work on yourself and go to the goal, you will definitely achieve what you want.

Tips for people who lack confidence:

  1. Develop and try something new.This will allow you to discover your talents, learn new skills, learn something interesting and just get pleasant emotions and learn to think optimistically.
  2. Set goals and achieve them. Start with the little ones, then move on to the more serious, then go to something global. So you can understand that they are capable of much.
  3. Know how to express your opinion and stick to it. You should not support someone because of friendship or fear, learn to justify and defend your point of view in all situations.
  4. Learn to speak confidently. This skill is very important, because the thought expressed loudly, confidently and emotionally will surely interest and attract attention much more than the monotonous monologue uttered in a trembling voice.
  5. Always watch yourself. If you look attractive, it will automatically make you a more confident person.
  6. Try to think positively. Even if you are sure that something will not work out for you, tune in for the best, and in case of failure, do not be discouraged, but take into account your mistakes and go further and only forward.
  7. You should know all your strengths, use them skillfully and present them with profit.And everyone has shortcomings, ideal people do not exist, and this needs to be understood.
  8. Do not listen to someone who tells you that you will not succeed. In the end, "trying is not torture."
  9. Do not doubt yourself. Of course, doubts have a place in life, but you need to learn to perceive them as an excuse to rectify the situation, and not to abandon further actions.
  10. Do not be a perfectionist. Do not try to make everything perfect. Of course, you need to make efforts and strive for the best, but the mistakes made should not cast doubt on your abilities.
  11. Be yourself, then you will not have to worry about the fact that someone would think about you wrong. Do not try to appear who you are not.
  12. Learn to equanimity. Even if something goes wrong with you, “keep your face” and pretend that everything is fine.
  13. Do not look for problems where there are none. In other words, you should not “blow a elephant out of a fly”, some troubles are not as serious as they seem, and they should not scare you.
  14. Learn to improvise and act out of plan, if necessary.
  15. You should not wait for something, be it good weather, a salary increase, a certain time of year, and so on.Learn to start acting here and now, it will be very useful in life. So if you decide to do sports, then do not wait for Monday, but go to the gym today.

If you lack self-confidence, follow the above tips, work on yourself, and you will become stronger, more successful and more purposeful.

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