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How to become a supplier?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
November 4, 2014
How to become a supplier?

Systematic career growth in many areas of activity over time makes successful employees think about their own business. The reason for this may be the desire to finally work for himself or the non-acceptance by senior management of sound ideas about the development of the business, but the result is usually the same: a person begins to think about becoming a supplier of certain goods or services.

Goals and objectives of the future supplier

A person who intends to become a supplier of a quality product or service, having proved himself to be a reliable partner, should, first of all, carefully study the product that he is going to offer. Therefore, you should not immediately go into the business without having worked for the relevant profession for a certain amount of time required for a clear understanding of the specifics of the market. While you are an ordinary employee, an assistant to the head of a department, or directly to the head of a group of employees, do you have time to:

  • the study of the goods;
  • the acquisition of an extensive customer base;
  • obtaining access to manufacturing plants or authorized dealers;
  • market valuation;
  • acquiring business connections.

Knowing the specifics of the product and the market, constantly communicating with customers, you can make the right conclusions about what product you can surprise your future customers and compete adequately with other firms. You also do not need to start everything from scratch - you will have all the information at your disposal: from partners and customers to knowledge of logistics routes, product cost and other financial subtleties. With the help of this data you will be able to take a confident start, allowing you to become a supplier, with which large customers are looking for and appreciate the cooperation.

Reverse side of the coin for suppliers

Of course, no type of business can consist only of positive aspects, since any investment is, first of all, a risk. But there are still several difficulties to be prepared for:

  • search for funds for the formation of start-up capital;
  • tracking and control of all stages of delivery in person;
  • selection of professional and hardworking staff;
  • constant competition;
  • continuous market analysis and willingness to make quick, but correct decisions.

Thus, only a person with an excellent business acumen, who is well versed in analytics and finance, can be a quality supplier, while being a communicative, stress-resistant and strong-willed person.


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