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How to become dumb?

Such a diagnosis as dumbness can be either congenital or acquired. So, with congenital malformations of the throat or vocal cords, people are deprived of speech from the very birth. Often the cause of complete dumbness can also be the lack of vocal cords in general. Most often, dumbness is the result of deafness, but there are other cases where a person hears normally, but cannot reproduce sounds. In this case, we can talk about the acquired dumbness. Thus, if you are interested in how to become dumb, you need to consider the main causes of mutism.

What is mutism

In medicine, mutism is usually called the complete loss of the ability to speak. At the same time, there are some forms of mutism, which are characterized only by a delay in the initiation of speech. The basis of this type of pathology is usually based on serious psychological trauma. In this case, additional symptoms are various types of mental retardation, which accompany, for example, a state of severe depression or hysterical neurosis.

When seizures of hysterical neurosis often occur dumbness, however, patients, as a rule, perfectly hear the speech addressed to them and can respond to it with gestures or in writing. This disease is more common in women who are hysterical and suffer from excessive sensitivity and unstable emotional state. Therefore, if you are interested in how to become dumb, you can provoke the development of hysterical neurosis.

It is important to note that such a disease is almost entirely based on self-suggestion, since in most cases it occurs in people who have seen its manifestations or heard / read about it at least once in their life. In addition, a characteristic symptom of dumbness, acquired in this way, is the lack of desire in patients to fight their illness. They seem to use it to attract universal attention to their person and do not try to get rid of their pathology.

Such mutism is called functional, and it should be distinguished from organic or, as it is also called, akinetic. This kind of mutism is manifested by the absence of speech and active movements due to the defeat of those parts of the brain that are responsible for the reproduction of sounds by man.Thus, akinetic mutism is often triggered by various hemorrhages, injuries, tumors, stroke. Experts consider this condition as the maximum lack of motivation to speech communication.

Akinetic mutism in patients is manifested by a lack of motor functions without paralysis and no contact with others when fully conscious. It is difficult to provoke such a condition on your own, so if you are wondering how to become dumb, you hardly need to try to acquire this pathology by any artificial means.

Selective mutism

Selective mutism is also called elective and attributed to one of the forms of hysterical neurosis. This pathology again occurs more frequently among females in childhood. The name of this species speaks for itself: the child chooses with whom he wants to enter into voice contacts. Most often, he becomes dumb when talking to strangers. Usually they are educators, doctors, teachers. Sometimes he does not communicate with peers either and “finds the gift of speech” only at home, with his family.

Election mutism can be considered, first of all,a psychological problem because, in this way, the child seeks increased attention to himself from those around him. In addition, he is more regretted, sympathized, and also demanded from him much less than from other children, both in kindergarten and in school.

Adults seldom acquire such a diagnosis, but if we talk about situations when it is necessary to depict a dumbness, then selective mutism can be provoked on its own. A person can simply stop talking to specific people or in a particular place.

If you really need to go numb, the best option is all the ways you can use to break the vocal cords. This is a severe sore throat, which can be provoked by strong hypothermia and drinking cold or even frozen drinks and foods. This condition is often fraught with loss of voice.

In addition, you can try to disrupt the voice with the help of the so-called “screaming whisper” or, conversely, a loud cry for a long time. At the same time, it is worth noting that such “experiments” can have the desired result both for a while and forever.In the latter case, a person faces a loss of voice, which will be very difficult to recover. Such acquired dumbness is unlikely to please someone for a long time.


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