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How to behave in church?

It doesn't matter what reason you decide to go to church. It is important to know exactly how to behave in church, so as not to offend or embarrass others with your behavior.

If you are going to church for the first time, you need to prepare for this in advance. First of all, pay attention to clothes. Women must take care of the headdress (scarf, scarf, perhaps a hat). Men at the entrance to the church must remove the headdress. Clothing should be modest, deep cleavage in women, shorts in men, etc. are unacceptable. Previously, women were forbidden to wear pants, now the church looks at this women's outfit more loyally.

The rules of conduct in the church do not prohibit the use of cosmetics, but still do not have to paint your lips so as not to leave marks on the icons when kissing them.

Basic rules of conduct while serving in a church

It is necessary to enter the church quietly, calmly. If you know a prayer, then read it. You can say "Lord, bless me, a sinner" or "Our Father."

  1. At the entrance to the temple it is necessary to cross three times with bows in the belt.
  2. They are baptized with folded three fingers (thumb, index and middle (three fingers) of the right hand. When you are baptized, you should not wear gloves on your hands).
  3. During the service women pray on the left side, men occupy the right side.
  4. When the service is not allowed: to talk loudly, examine people, make comments, laugh, take pictures or videotape, chew gum or eat.
  5. Turn off your mobile phone or put it in silent mode. It is forbidden to speak on the phone while you are in church.
  6. If there are many parishioners in the church, it is not necessary to push the believers praying at the icons. Put candles at the icons and submit a note about the commission of services "for health" and "about rest" can be after the end of the service. You can submit notes before starting the service.
  7. Putting candles for the dead should be on a special square-shaped candlestick with a small crucifix.
  8. Candles for health can be put around those icons depicting saints that you prefer. This should be done with sincere prayer and good thoughts about those for whom you set a candle.
  9. Rules of conduct in the church prohibit standing with your back to the altar.
  10. It should be remembered that when a clergyman during the service overshadows you with a cross, an image, a holy cup or gospel, it is customary to be baptized and bow.
  11. Only you should be baptized by saying: "Lord, have mercy"; "Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit"; "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost," etc.
  12. Only to bow your head, not being baptized, is necessary when the priest shines with a candle, censes or blesses with his hand.
  13. If there is no service, you can go to the central icon, cross twice and kiss its lower part, then cross again.
  14. If you have any questions to the priest, remember that when contacting you need to start with the formula "Father, bless" or "Father (name) bless". At the end of the conversation, ask for blessings again.
  15. If you took a child with you to the temple, try to explain to him. what's the noise. run and be capricious. If your child began to cry during the service, quietly leave their temple, so as not to disturb the mood of the worshipers, and calm him down.

Leaving the church, it is necessary to cross three times, bow three times at the waist when leaving the temple, and repeat once more when leaving the church gate, while turning to face the temple. It is necessary to give alms at the entrance to the temple before the service.


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