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How to buy medicine in Moscow?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 14, 2013
How to buy medicine in Moscow?

About how to buy drugs in Moscow, know all the inhabitants of this city. For those who have recently moved to the capital, we will talk about how there are ways to buy drugs in Moscow.

By phone

You can call a city or mobile phone at the pharmacy nearest you and ask if there is any specific medicine available. If there is medicine, you can ask to deliver it to your home; if not, you can place an order directly by phone. Also, the pharmacist of this pharmacy you can get the necessary information about the dosages, side effects and how to use the right drugs.

Using the Internet

You can buy medicines in Moscow pharmacies without leaving your home. On the Internet you can find online pharmacies. You will be able to pay the way convenient for you and order any products from the site. You can pick up the goods in the center of samovyzova or order home delivery. Also on the websites of pharmacies in the city of Moscow, you can find out all the necessary information about medicines,that interest you. To do this, in the search box of this site you must enter the name of the drug. Where to buy drugs in Moscow, you will also be prompted by the Internet. You can get a list of the nearest pharmacies that you can call or bypass.

Beware scammers!

You have to understand that unscrupulous people who can sell low-quality medicines can surround you everywhere. Therefore, it is better to contact the pharmacies of large and well-known networks, as well as check the expiration date of the drug at the place of its receipt.


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