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How to calculate ONE in 2017

Determine in the apartment building according to the testimony of a general-purpose metering device the amount of actually consumed electrical energy or another communal resource for the calculated month.
Calculate the total amount of electricity consumed or other utility resources during the billing period in residential or non-residential premises that are equipped with metering devices, according to the readings of these individual devices. Determine the volume of the communal resource consumed during the reporting period in the premises that are not equipped with metering devices. The calculation is made on the basis of standards of consumption of utilities, defined in the legislation.
Record separately the amount of a certain communal resource that is consumed by a particular apartment. If the room is equipped with a metering device, then actual readings are taken, and consumption standards are used for non-equipped premises.
Find out the tariff for this communal resource, which is established by the legislation of the Russian Federation for this territorial object.This value can be found in the department of housing and communal services of the district to which a residential house is listed, as well as in the Directorate of a single customer or in a single information and settlement center.
Calculate the total consumption of consumption and the ODN payable by a particular apartment. To do this, it is necessary to divide the actual consumption of the general-purpose metering device by the amount of consumption for the premises, which are equipped and not equipped with metering devices.

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