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How to call a book?

March 24, 2015
How to call a book?

People say that as a ship you name, it will float. This is partly true in terms of finding a title for a book written with his own hands. It sometimes happens that the name comes by itself, as if materializing from the air even in the process of writing the text. But it happens that the “insides” of the work are almost ready, and the name has not been invented by the author. Here are some tips on how to call a book, following which, you may be able to somewhat simplify this task.

Compliance with the content

Of course, the title of the book should be as consistent with its content as possible, not contrary to common sense (unless this work is not an absurd focus). Roughly speaking, your memoirs should not be called: "Somewhere in a galaxy far far away." A work of a fantastic character: "My life in the period of the USSR."

From what to stay away

Avoid also names that may offend the religious feelings of the population that are contrary to the basic principles of morality (unless you want to “slap the public taste”, but even then you have to be careful with the wording).You should also avoid obscene expressions, which, of course, in some way attract attention, but in general they turn away.


Choose a few options you like, give them the title of applicants. Then, with the help of the Internet, do a little research: what if this name or its variations were already used by someone before you. It would be bad if you "reinvent the wooden bicycle." Yes, and plagiarism, by the way, can be blamed. Then you have to pay a fine.

Brilliant - easy!

Come up with a short and sonorous title for your book. After all, everyone knows that brevity is the sister of talent. A mass reader does not like too abstruse and stretched names. Besides, you did write a work of art, not a scientific work!

Using experience

You can take the famous name and redo it. This will give your work a new meaning in the context of an already known book. The reader will assume that you will rethink the already familiar images and will take up with interest the reading.


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