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How to call a doctor?

Tatyana Baeva
Tatyana Baeva
July 19, 2012
How to call a doctor?

Sooner or later, each of us is faced with problems in health. If you do not have the ability or desire to stand in the queues of the clinic, then it is important to know how to call the doctor to the house. Where and when to call? Is it a free call? When to wait for the arrival of a doctor? We will highlight some aspects of this problem in the article.

So, how to call a doctor? If you have an OMS policy (compulsory health insurance), then you can call the doctor at the clinic from the clinic to which you are attached. To call in this case, you need to call the district clinic and clearly explain the reason for the call. Call makes sense only during the opening hours of the clinic. It is important to mention the following data: the patient's full name, age and / or date of birth, symptoms of the disease, the full address of the actual location. A local or duty doctor will be required to leave for your call on the day of the call. Calling a doctor in this situation is absolutely free. It is important to note that you should not expect the arrival of the doctor immediately after your call. It is clear that not only you could call him.The doctor is obliged to come to you during his working day, even if the working time has expired. The doctor should examine the patient, prescribe treatment, write prescriptions and sick leave if necessary. Subsequent treatment is carried out in the clinic for your site. Call the doctor can be done through the registry window.

If you are not in your city and are suddenly sick, you need to find out the nearest clinic and call the registry. If you have an OMS policy and are located in Russia, you must help. Next, you will need to gain a foothold for this clinic and continue treatment at the local doctor.

Also in many cities there are paid clinics that provide the service "call a doctor at home." Moreover, you can call almost any specialist from the center of paid medical services at home, as well as take tests at home, ultrasound, ECG procedures, etc. The physician of the paid clinic will also perform all the necessary procedures, including prescription and a sick-list. Of course, you will have to pay for such convenience, but you will most likely get faster and full assistance.

If you need emergency assistance or the clinic has been closed, then call an ambulance.


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