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How to care for your skin before the summer of 20-25-35-45 years

Skin care before summerAfter a long winter, a meeting with a lot of ultraviolet radiation may be unsafe for our skin (especially for the face). After all, for a long time she was exposed to frosty outdoor air and drier indoor air, she suffered a thick layer of decorative cosmetics, which made her weak and vulnerable. In this article we will describe how to care for your skin before summer, so as not to harm the skin of the face and body, to avoid age spots. Over the long winter months, the reserves of melanin accumulated by the skin in the summer have been depleted, and it gives not only a beautiful bronze color, but also how the screen protects the epidermis from the effects of hard ultraviolet radiation. The weakened, defenseless skin of the face and body is not always able to repel a solar attack without losses. The rays of the active May sun can cause its damage - from slight reddening to a burn, to provoke persistent pigment spots and to accelerate the aging process.Therefore, in the spring you need to take care of your skin care from the inside.


What vitamin is needed for the skin?



To protect the skin, you must first fill the lack of vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, the most effective summer diet I want to offer includes foods rich in antioxidants, raw vegetables and fruits, easily digestible fish and poultry, low-fat cottage cheese, and yogurt. We recommend light heat treatment of dishes, fish and poultry is preferable to steam. Such an effective, light summer diet can be used in spring and summer for both adults and children. It is balanced and good for almost all adults, especially those who want to become slimmer. On average, the loss of body weight can be 2-3 kg per week. But in order to fully protect the skin of the body and face from sun exposure, in addition to the diet, gradual preparation in a tanning bed is recommended: 5-6 sessions of ultraviolet irradiation lasting no more than 8-10 minutes in a mode every other day. Only after that it will be possible to wear open clothes without fear. Do not forget about the correct manicure at home.


Proper nutrition for the skin.



The first day.

BREAKFAST:salad - "brush", allowing to clean the intestines: raw cabbage white, red beet, carrots (in equal parts) grate on a large grater. For a taste, add a little greens and lemon juice. Vegetable oil can not be refilled!

LUNCH:1 green apple, 50 g of cheese (not more than 17% fat).

DINNER:200 g poultry meat with herbs and vegetable oil.

FUNNY:3 walnuts, 200 g of cottage cheese (0% fat).

DINNER:vegetable salad with herbs and vegetable oil; 150 g salmon, grilled or steamed.


Second day.

BREAKFAST: 1boiled chicken egg with fresh cucumber.

LUNCH:Beat 1 cup of yogurt with 1 tbsp. l. berries

DINNER:200 g salmon with herbs and vegetable oil.

FUNNY:1 hard pear.

DINNER:300 g of stewed vegetables (zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes), sprinkled with a pinch of grated, low-fat cheese.


Third day.

BREAKFAST:a glass of juice and “porridge of beauty”: in the evening 6 tbsp. l. buckwheat pour 6 tbsp. l. water and leave overnight. In the morning, add chopped kernel 1 walnut, 1 tsp. honey and 1 grated green apple.

LUNCH:1 green apple.

DINNER:200 g poultry meat with herbs and vegetable oil.

FUNNY:6 walnuts.

DINNER:unsalted boiled buckwheat with vegetable salad and vegetable oil.


Day four.

BREAKFAST:omelet from 3 egg whites with tomatoes.

LUNCH:yogurt, 1 grapefruit.

DINNER:200 g of seafood (squid, crabs) with avocado salad and greens.

FUNNY:1 grapefruit, 2 walnuts.

DINNER:fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil; 100 g salmon or river trout. Do not forget about the benefits of garlic - eat it periodically in food, whenever possible, preferably fresh, when harvested garlic.


Fifth day.

BREAKFAST:grain bread toast, Philadelphia Light cheese (5% fat), 1 grapefruit.

LUNCH:1 tough pear or cherry dishes, it has good useful properties.

DINNER:200 g poultry meat with herbs and vegetable oil.

FUNNY:200 g of cottage cheese, 100 g of kefir (1% fat).

DINNER:boiled beans with onions, carrots, greens.


The sixth day.

BREAKFAST:200 g buckwheat cereal, 100 g grated carrot salad with apple, 3 rye loaves.

LUNCH:200 g of cottage cheese (5% fat), a handful of dried fruit, 100 g of kefir (1% fat).

DINNER:200 g green beans with peppers and herbs and balsamic vinegar.

FUNNY:Beat 1 tough pear, 1/2 banana and 125 grams of yogurt.

DINNER:300 grams of fresh vegetable salad, broccoli with tuna.


Seventh day.

BREAKFAST: 200Mr. grained curd cheese, loaf, 1 apple.

LUNCH:1 pear.

DINNER:200 g soup of mashed zucchini with 1 tsp. sour cream (15% fat); 100 g of baked chicken or fish with fresh cucumber and greens.

FUNNY:20 grams of cheese, juice.

DINNER:baked fish, 300 g of salad from fresh vegetables (sweet pepper, cucumbers, celery, greens) with olive oil.


Avoid the most harmful food for health and figure. All food is cooked on a pair or on a grill. Vegetable oil is added to the finished product. Juices are taken onlyfreshly squeezed. Every day you need to drink 2.5 liters of liquid. Now you also know how to take care of the skin before and after summer at the age of 20 to 45 years. Know what nutrition is necessary for healthy skin. And remember, if you are sunbathing in the sun, be careful and use a suntan cream.


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