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How to charge the tablet without charging?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
April 28, 2015
How to charge the tablet without charging?

Modern tablets can boast powerful processors, large HD screens and a lot of useful options, but they have one significant disadvantage - they are very quickly discharged, and therefore the user must always carry the charger with them. But what to do if the owner of the device forgot to take the charge with him? Let's figure out how to charge the battery of the tablet without a standard network charging.

PC charging

If you own an Android tablet, the problem is quite simple - you only need a computer or laptop and a standard microUSB / USB cable. If you, for example, are at work, the search for such a cable is unlikely to become a difficult task, it will probably be found among some of your colleagues.

Sometimes, I must say, Android devices have a non-standard connector for charging, then the task becomes more complicated: to charge you will need the original cable, and the likelihood that the search for the cable will be successful is reduced.The same, by the way, applies to iOS devices. However, we hope you get lucky.

Cigarette lighter charging

You can also charge the tablet in the car with the help of a cigarette lighter; however, for this you first need to buy a special cable, on one side of which there will be a connector adapted to be connected to the onboard network of your car, and on the other, a connector suitable for a tablet.

Connect external battery

The urgency of the problem of the rapid discharge of mobile devices has made the external battery manufacturing industry very profitable. Today, an external battery can be found for each device, and you will most likely be able to choose the optimal capacity, connection type and design. In the modern assortment there are both external batteries of a strictly classical design, and styling for various objects, for example, a stone or a chocolate bar.


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