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How to choose a bike?

A bicycle is not a luxury, but a convenient means of transportation, which, moreover, has a very positive effect on human health and well-being. And those who are going to just ride a bike from time to time, and those who will move around the city on a two-wheeled friend, and, undoubtedly, those who want to conquer mountain peaks on a bicycle, everyone needs to come to the choice of this type of transport responsibly.

Choosing a bike: what to look for?

Do not rush to buy a bike, even for simple walks, where, it would seem, a particularly long list of requirements for the bike is not expected. Spend time comparing different bikes, their functionality and cost - so you can decide on the most appropriate model and at the same time save.

Keep in mind that buying bikes is most convenient in online stores. Buyers are offered a wide selection of quality bikes for every occasion. For convenience, the models are divided into categories, each model has a detailed description, which facilitates the selection of the most suitable bike.

Pay close attention to the manufacturer - a well-known and popular company will never allow itself to have low-quality products, since it values ​​its name and the trust of customers. In this regard, for example, you might like Haro bikes.

However, the search for a good bike, of course, is not limited to the choice of the manufacturer. Let us consider in more detail the criteria for selecting a suitable and high-quality bike.

First you need to clearly define the purpose of purchase. For walking around the city will suit the usual high-quality urban bike. If you plan to ride in the woods, off-road, etc., you will need a bike with good shock absorbers. Recently, small BMX bicycles are also very popular - extreme transport, designed for jumping, riding stairs and so on. So, they allocate bicycles for flat (cycling "dances") and for rubbing (riding rails, jumps, halfpipe). Such bikes are already more complex in their design and require thoughtful selection.

You can choose a bike for exploring the city as an integral structure, but if you need a bike for off-road riding,extreme tricks or participation in competitions, then you need to pay special attention to specific details, the most important of which are the frame, wheels, brakes, speed. A professional bike is completely made for an individual athlete, where all parts up to the millimeter are taken into account.

Frame selection

The frame is the basis of the bike, on which other parts of the bike are mounted. For an ordinary city bike, the most important selection criterion is its openness / closeness. Open frames are softer, but this is offset by their thickness. Such frames are convenient for girls. Closed frames are tighter, withstand heavy loads and do not bend. Bicycles with such frames are more often preferred by men.

The main material for the manufacture of frames - aluminum alloys. Popular markings are 6061 and 7005. For city walks, frames 7005 are quite suitable, bicycles for extreme rides should have a stronger frame with marking 6061.

Frames made of titanium are particularly durable, and therefore used in mountain bike bikes. Carbon frames are famous for their ease, and therefore they are used for racing bikes.Cheap steel frames are not recommended: they are not inferior in strength and rigidity to aluminum, but much heavier, which is not very convenient for urban conditions in particular.

Wheel selection

From the wheels depends on the comfort and safety of driving. For the city, large and wide wheels are needed - they will “soften” driving along a rough road. For fast driving on high-quality asphalt, big and thin wheels with thick tires are good. The main requirement for mountain bikes is a deep tread pattern, as this will help the wheels to cling to the ground better.

Also worth a look at the structure of the rim. A single rim is cheaper and simpler, it is a great option for traveling around the city. For athletes and professionals need double rims - this will help avoid frequent breakdowns and damage to the wheels.

Brake selection

Foot brakes are gradually becoming a thing of the past and are practically not common on modern bicycles. Mainly used hand brakes. Brakes are rear, front, rear and front at the same time (the best option for beginners). By type distinguish drum, rim and disc brakes.

For a city, any brakes are good, more specifically, the rim mechanical will be the most optimal choice - practical and easy to repair.Professional riders are more suitable hydraulic rims or disc. They are also convenient and reliable, but more difficult to repair.

Speed ​​selection

For city walks, a bicycle with one speed or with minimum speeds will be enough. The presence of a large number of speeds is not always an indicator of quality. Extreme and road racing, of course, requires bicycles with multiple speeds and gears.

So, taking into account all the important criteria and personal preferences, you decide on the most suitable model for you.


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