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How to choose a face cream

Face cream and age

Face cream is a cosmetic product that no modern woman can do without. Cosmetologists say that the choice of the cream should be treated more than carefully. Incorrect selection of this product can have a very negative effect on the skin. An unsuitable cream can even cause allergies.
Many women prefer to trust the choice of face care products to their beautician. This approach is the most correct, since a specialist can quite accurately determine which particular product will be required in each particular case. In addition, cosmetologists are well versed in the descriptions of the composition of creams.
Knowing certain rules for the selection of cream, each woman can choose for themselves the most successful products. When choosing a skin care cosmetic product, you should be guided by what age category it is intended for. Mature women should not choose a cream for young skin, since their use will not lead to the desired result.Young girls are strictly forbidden to use anti-aging cosmetics, as this may cause premature aging of the skin.
Modern manufacturers, as a rule, indicate on the package with a cosmetic product information about the age of a particular cream. You should know that from the age of 25 it is possible to use cosmetic products with a slight anti-aging effect. Means that actively prevent aging and promote wrinkle smoothing can be used only from the age of 35.

Face cream and skin type

When choosing a face cream it is very important to take into account the type of your skin. According to the well-known classification, it is dry, oily, combined. Means for the care of different skin types have significant differences in their composition and the functions that they must perform.
Large cosmetic companies produce an expanded range of cosmetic products. On sale you can find the cream for dehydrated, sensitive, irritated skin of the face, as well as for skin with acne or rashes.
If a woman finds it difficult to determinewhat exactly she needs to maintain her youth and solve certain problems with her face, she can pass one of their specialized tests. They can easily be found on the Internet on the websites of large companies that produce cosmetics. After passing the test, the fair sex is usually finally determined with what particular face care products she needs.

The composition of the cream for the face

Choosing a cream, you must pay attention to its composition. It is preferable to choose the product, which consists of natural ingredients. In this case, the most valuable components should be located closer to the top of the list of ingredients present in the cream. If any extract is located at the end of the list, it means that there is very little of it in this cosmetic product.
You should avoid buying face care products that contain harmful ingredients: parabens, aluminum salts, benzene, and certain other substances. Components such as propylene glycol and ceresin can cause allergies.
When choosing a cream, you should pay attention to the name of the manufacturer and even the type of packaging in which the cosmetic product is sold.Cosmetics produced by domestic manufacturers are considered more natural. Imported creams can be quite effective, but at the same time their synthetic components tend to accumulate in the skin and cause allergies and even addiction. Choosing imported cream, you should buy only expensive products with a more natural composition.


When making a choice between a cream in a jar or a tube and a cream in a bottle with a dispenser, you should give preference to the product in a bottle with a dispenser. This type of packaging prevents the ingress of microorganisms into the cosmetic. The cream in a jar should be equipped with a special plastic spatula for more hygienic use.

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