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How to choose a good dishwasher?

If you are tired of washing dishes by hand or too much of it, you may want to buy a dishwasher. Manufacturers offer a large selection of models with different functions. That you were not mistaken in the purchase, we will give you some useful tips on this topic.

Consider several models, compare with each other their characteristics to determine the best option. A good purchase can be found among inexpensive models: small or medium in size, they have all the basic functions. More expensive are distinguished by a stylish design, enhanced functionality, low noise, etc. Modern machines have sensors for monitoring energy and water consumption, washing, as well as modern �smart� systems that choose the optimal cleaning mode for a particular dish.

Korting dishwasher meets all modern requirements for this type of technology. Models differ in size and functionality, most of which are embedded.You can also take a look at the official Korting website if you want to purchase other useful home appliances.

Choosing between several good manufacturers, one can study reviews about specific models and make a choice based on all the complete information.

Dishwasher selection criteria

  1. If you want to buy an embedded car, calculate in advance the place in the kitchen for its placement, decide on the design and design. Embedded cars look good in the kitchen and are quite spacious: from 8 to 16 dish sets fit into them, depending on the width of the equipment. For a small kitchen and with a small amount of dishes you can pick up a desktop typewriter. Such contains from 4 to 6 sets of ware, is also functional, as well as the built-in large-size. Tabletop dishwasher is cheaper, but due to its small size, it spends less water and electricity.
  2. Pay attention to the quality of trays for dishes. Modern manufacturers tend to make them of stainless steel: this material is very wear-resistant and durable, withstands high water temperatures. Also, this metal will reflect heat well and provide good insulation. A cheaper option is plastic containers: they are cheaper and lighter, they reduce the weight and cost of the dishwasher.Also important is the shape and size of the trays - it depends on how many dishes and what size you can put in the machine. For convenience, select trays with adjustable, removable or folding parts - they are very versatile. You can find models of machines in which there will be shelves for placing cutlery. When buying a car, carefully inspect each tray: pull out, see if there is any damage, how durable and functional they are.
  3. Evaluate the leakage protection system. The principle of operation for all dishwashers is the same: it is a sensor system monitoring the amount of water and its overflow.
  4. Drying dishes - an indispensable feature in any modern typewriter. Dear dishwasher dries dishes with hot air. Fans can also be used for drying, which direct air outside to the dishes. Condensation drying is the longest method, which involves the evaporation of moisture, and then its removal through a moisture receiver.
  5. Wash programs. There are always three main ones: careful at low temperatures - for thin and fragile dishes, moderate - for normal daily use, intensive - for removing heavy dirt.You can find models with additional useful functions: for dried mud - pre-soaking, for not very dirty dishes - cost-effective washing, automatic detection of dirt and detergents, etc.
  6. Noise level. Modern machines are equipped with varying degrees of noise in their work. The quieter the dishwasher, the more expensive it is. To reduce the noise level, special vibration dampers, soundproofed materials, low noise electric motors are used.

The control system can be mechanical or electronic. Electronic control is more modern and has additional features. However, if you compare the mechanics and electronics, you will not find particularly strong advantages over the second compared to the first. The control system can be located at the front top of the door of the machine and be hidden inside. The design is absolutely diverse: from a simple and clear scheme to modern stylish combinations of materials, coupled with touch controls. Choose based on your own preferences and convenience.


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