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How to choose a good juicer?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
August 2, 2016
How to choose a good juicer?

Fresh juice made at home with a high-quality juicer is one of the best morning drinks. You can cook as usual juices from the most ripe fruits or vegetables, and mix them with each other, creating delicious cocktails and smoothies. But to get the most pleasant and rich drink, you need to use a good juicer.

Manufacturer selection

Many people buy equipment for the home, based on the reviews of a particular company, the general impression of it, fame and reputation in the market. Without a doubt, a good and well-known company carefully monitors the quality of its equipment, but when choosing between several manufacturers, be sure to pay attention to the characteristics, compare them with each other, in order to buy the best option at the most acceptable cost.

For example, the Polaris PEA 0931 juicer, which you can buy on the e-katalog.ru website, is one of the most optimal options in terms of price and quality. Consider its characteristics.

Characteristics of the juicer Polaris PEA 0931

Polaris is very popular with many customers due to the combination of quality and affordable price. It is important to understand that, in contrast to the Chinese juicer extractors that have recently appeared on the Russian market, which often cost a penny, but work for a few weeks, if not days, our housewives use Polaris equipment for many years.

This juice extractor has a 0.55 liter juice tank. and 1 l. for the cake. The power is 900 W, the control is carried out mechanically, and the loading opening 65 mm wide will make it possible to use large pieces of fruits and vegetables to produce juice. The juicer is equipped with the following useful features:

  1. automatic pulp ejection;
  2. drop-stop system;
  3. protection against overheating and accidental activation;
  4. foam separator

Of the two speeds, you can choose the most suitable, and the steel case will save the juicer from damage and will contribute to its long service life.


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