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How to choose a stylish summer rings?

I hasten to share with you some ideas about music (pop - hip-hop), traveling (mountains-expanses), clothes (t-shirts), bijouterie (clips-kips) and other important attributes of this summer. I hope these tips will charge you positive for the rest of the day and will be useful in practice. So, everything is not in order.

1. For all opponents of the “piercing” costume jewelry, clips this summer may come in handy. Today, of all the well-known jewelry clips seem the least popular, but in vain. The love for clips fueled the Andy Warhol Edie Sedgwick muse, and she, in turn, was remembered by the world as an icon of style. Be original! Manufacturers of jewelry and clips, and earrings are paying equal attention today, so the range is even wider than you think. And do not be surprised at the strange rhyme at the beginning of the article, the cords were mentioned for a reason. This summer, the skin is in trends, so feel free to combine clips and stylish rings and bracelets with leather tonal inserts. Turtles, tape recorders, notes, horns with ice cream, orchids - thosethose who have not pierced their ears, too, have the right to decorate them last!

2. Show your beautiful legs to the world! Splash your fantasy on denim jeans. Fashionable and original things can be found in online stores or do it yourself. Even with shorts you can show that watch the fashion: leather inserts and pockets will pick you out from the crowd and will be in harmony with other stylish accessories: rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings, which, I'm sure, will also get the skin.

3. Remove from your playlist everything that you were sad about this winter. Clean up the room, prepare breakfast and take a night jogging need to be happy and energetic, and what else could be more successful in tuning you to the right way, except for summer music?

4. Make a visa and start traveling! No matter where and with whom. The main thing with which attitude you go there. Get ready for new acquaintances and unforgettable adventures. This summer is yours and only yours, so why not visit new places?

5. Surround yourself with bright colors. Acid-colored stylish rings and bracelets, neon nail polish, poisonous prints on T-shirts and, of course, crazy colors are strands in your hair.

5. Enjoy yourself with new glasses.They can be strict, childish, heart-shaped and à la John Lennon, big and small. If a small snake or little turtle has climbed into the corner of the bow, try searching for summer stylish rings with them.


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