How To Clean Quartz Crystals & Amethyst

How to Clean Quartz

Two Methods:

Quartz is a mineral that is used for making jewelry, counter tops, and glass. You might have found quartz outside that you want to clean or you might need to clean a large amount of quartz that you mined. You can remove dirt and stains from quartz using tools (such as a power washer and air abrasive tool) or using chemicals (such as the Waller solution and oxalic acid).


Using Tools to Remove Dirt

  1. Rinse the quartz off with a power washer.If you have a large amount of quartz with a heavy amount of mud or dirt on it, you can try to rinse it off with a power washer. Set your quartz on the ground (preferably on concrete or asphalt) and rinse off the dirt. Using a power washer is more efficient, but you can also use a hose. You can also go to a coin operated car wash and wash your quartz there with their pressure washers. After you wash it, let the quartz dry out. Repeat the washing process until the quartz is clean.
    • If there is only a small amount of dirt left on the quartz after rinsing, try scrubbing it with a brush and liquid detergent soap and water.
  2. Clean the quartz with a fabric gun.A fabric gun or spot cleaning gun can shoot water at the quartz at high pressure to help remove dirt. These are used in dry cleaning for removing stains and are available for less than 75 dollars. This works well for cleaning small amounts of dirt off of quartz that is in hard to get to areas. The fabric gun shoots a small amount of water at a powerful rate.
    • Make sure to wear glasses or protective goggles while doing this to avoid getting rock specimens in your eyes.
  3. Scratch off dirt with a knife.If using water does not remove all the dirt from your quartz, you can try to scratch dirt off with a blade. Quartz is harder than a knife, so you won’t scratch the quartz. Using a binocular, microscope, or magnifying glass when doing this. Scrape off as much of the dirt as you are able to.
    • Be very careful when doing this, the blade may slip and cut your hand.
  4. Use an air abrasive tool.An air abrasive tool will shoot something at the quartz at a very high pressure to remove the dirt. Use something in the air abrasive tool that is not going to damage the quartz. Instead of using other quartz or garnet sand, use tiny glass beads to clean the quartz. This will help prevent damaging the quartz and removing the shiny surface.
    • You can purchase air abrasive tools online or at hardware stores, such as Harbor Freight Tools.
    • Air abrasive tools range in price from around 20 to 90 dollars.
    • Wear protective eye gear when using an abrasive tool.
  5. Try an air scribe.You can also clean quartz with an air scribe (a tiny jackhammer that is powered by compressed air) instead of an air abrasive tool. These remove chunks of dirt and material that might be stuck on your quartz. Air scribes often take only a few seconds to clean an area, rather than minutes or hours.
    • Air scribes are very efficient, but can be more expensive.
    • Cover your eyes with goggles or glasses.

Using Chemicals to Remove Stains

  1. Try the Waller solution.Before trying harsh chemicals on your quartz, try the Waller solution method first because the chemicals in the solution are easier to obtain and are less harmful. You can buy the chemicals and mix them yourself or purchase Super Iron Out at a regular department store (such as Walmart).
    • Put the quartz in the solution outside because the solution has a strong smell.
    • The solution only lasts for 24 hours.
    • Make the solution at home with: 8.4 grams of Sodium Bicarbonate, 17.4 grams of Sodium Dithionite, and 5.9 grams of Trisodium salt of Citric Acid (sodium citrate).
    • Make sure to wear eye goggles and gloves when using the Waller solution.
  2. Get oxalic acid.If the Waller solution does not work, you can use oxalic acid to clean quartz. You should be very careful with it because it is toxic. Make sure to wear gloves, protective eye gear, and to not inhale the oxalic acid. Make sure to use the oxalic acid outside where there is ventilation. There are other chemicals you can use instead of oxalic acid to clean quartz, but they are more dangerous.
    • You can usually find oxalic acid for sale in hardware stores.
    • Use technical or industrial grade oxalic acid because it is less expensive than pure oxalic acid.
  3. Put your quartz in the oxalic acid.Mix 1-1.5 pounds of oxalic acid with around five gallons of water. Mix the oxalic acid in a plastic or ceramic container because it attacks metals. Let your quartz soak in the oxalic acid solution overnight. After the the quartz is clean, rinse the quartz in clean water for a few hours.
    • Be extremely careful with oxalic acid.
    • Always where gloves and protective eye gear.
    • Work with the oxalic acid somewhere well ventilated.
  4. Dispose of the oxalic acid very carefully.Do not throw oxalic acid down the drain. Neutralize your solution with limestone chips. You can leave this neutralized solution around (somewhere safe) and add more oxalic acid to it later if you need it again. You can also let the solution evaporate.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Can I use sulfuric acid?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    I would not use sulfuric acid, unless you are doing something advanced and specialized or if you are an expert at cleaning quartz.
  • Question
    What is the danger of using muriatic acid?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Muriatic acid (or hydrochloric acid) can be used to clean quartz, but it is not recommended because it is dangerous. If you use it make sure to be outside, wear gloves, and protective eye gear. Have a hose ready in case you spill any.
  • Question
    Can muriatic acid be used in crock pot to remove iron from quartz and crystals?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    It is probably not a good idea to use muriatic acid in a crockpot. However, you can use oxalic acid in a crockpot. Just make sure to be very careful.
  • Question
    Can I bleach a white quartz stone to make it clear?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    If the white runs through the quartz, then bleaching it won't have any effect. If the white is just a build-up on the outside, then oxalic acid may remove it. The commercial miners heat up their oxalic water mixture and may soak the crystal several times.
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Quick Summary

To clean a large amount of quartz with a heavy amount of mud or dirt, rinse it with a power washer. If you don’t have access to a power washer, visit a coin-operated car wash and use their high-powered hoses. If using water does not remove all the dirt from your quartz, scratch the dirt away with a knife. Since quartz is harder than a knife blade, doing this will not scratch the quartz. You can also soak your quartz in a solution of sodium bicarbonate, sodium dithionite, and sodium citrate for 24 hours to dissolve dirt and stains.

Did this summary help you?
  • You may have to use a combination of different tools to remove all of the dirt from your quartz.
  • You can use hydrochloric acid instead of oxalic acid, but it is more dangerous.
  • Use a drum tumbler with pecan shells to help polish the Quartz . The oils in the shells gives a little sheen on it.

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