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How to remove mold in a washing machine?

Many may have a puzzled question: where does the mold come from in the device, which is most often “encountered” with water and detergents - in a washing machine? However, the reasons for this are enough. Washing in cold water “in a hurry”, powders without a bleaching component, applying rinse aid without starting an extra rinse, dampness, dirt in the powder compartment.

Do not pay attention to fungal spots can not be. Allergies, attacks on immunity, infections are only part of the “surprises” that await the careless family of the mistress, not counting the terrible moldy smell from freshly washed things.

Get rid of the fungus, although difficult, but possible. There are several means for this, both official and popular. And success will depend on the degree of neglect of the problem. To fight you do not have to buy anything supernatural, difficult to access and expensive. Almost everyone has these tools:

  • acetic acid, citric acid;
  • soda;
  • chlorine bleach;
  • the means intended for cleaning of a toilet bowl.

We will deal with each tool and method in more detail.

Extreme neglect

If the mold is firmly “dug in” on the inside of the drum, and from the “insides” of other parts (tanks, hoses, containers) it smells a lot, the case is considered extremely neglected. In this case, an emergency program should be applied with the participation of "Whiteness" and vinegar (11 percent). But it is necessary to fulfill the prescription clearly, without self-activity, namely, not to mix both means, otherwise a rattling mixture can destroy particularly vulnerable details.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. In the powder compartment, you need to pour a liter of ordinary "Whiteness", set the maximum temperature and start the longest washing program.
  2. In the middle of the program, the typewriter should be “paused”, that is, it should be stopped for one and a half hours, and then the process should be continued and completed.
  3. Next, pour the same two cups of vinegar and start rinsing.

After the finish should be thoroughly and dry wipe all the internal parts, compartments, the drum does not close for several days, so that it is well ventilated and dried.

Even if there is a lot of mold, it smells of laundry, this method will work. However, the machine is still not immune from the return of terrible spots. Therefore, it will be necessary to take care of the unit more carefully than usual.

Lemon acid

This method should be used if there is a persistent moldy smell, but the fungal “colony” itself is not visible, that is, the problem is at an early stage. The main substance here is citric acid, which, incidentally, is good for use for preventive cleaning. And not only in the washing machine.

First you should wash and clean the powder compartment thoroughly. Next, fill it with 200 - grams of acid, start the "long" wash with the highest possible temperature, and then wipe and dry all the internal and external parts of the machine, especially the rubber ones.

For prophylaxis acid should be used every 4-6 months.

Miracle soda

Soda is an excellent disinfectant, very effective, totally common and, by the way, inexpensive. Using them does not cause difficulties, it is enough to prepare a solution. It will help to clean not only the inner surface of the drum and the powder compartment, but also get rid of fungal marks on the elastic band inside the hoses.

To do this, two spoons (table) should be diluted with a small amount of water to bring the powder to a mushy state. This mixture is applied with a toothbrush on all surfaces where mold traces were observed, kept for half an hour, and then the “empty” wash is started, that is, without laundry. To enhance the effect, powder (washing) is added to the tank.

Toilet Cleaners

Chemistry for toilet bowls is resorted to when other factory tools are absent, but people’s people haven’t saved them. The toilet cleaner has two advantages: it destroys fungi, and also drives away odors. In addition, such compositions are quite common and do an excellent job with fungi on various seals.

To do this, apply the liquid with a sponge on the rubber parts (work in gloves!), Stand for 10 minutes, start the “empty” wash. So that the remaining funds do not harm the typewriter and the body, you should additionally start rinsing again.

Instead, note: in order not to think about how to remove the mold from the machine, you should know that the fungus is afraid of high temperatures, dryness and cleanliness.Wash only in hot water, do not allow dampness in the apartment and inside the machine, clean it regularly, and the mold will never bother you!

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